This Melbourne Café Is Taking Their Kids Menu Up A Notch This Month

By Ben Tyers
23rd Jan 2018


For too long the kid's menu at cafes and restaurants around Melbourne has been an afterthought. Pies, chicken nuggets, and other uninspiring dishes have been all that’s been on offer to the kids of Melbourne, but luckily Death To Nuggets is looking to end all of that by aiming to improve the relationships that kids have with food.

From January 22, Top Paddock in collaboration with Death To Nuggets will be introducing a new kind of kids menu. One that focuses on the seasonal and nutritious, but with a playful twist. It aims to be food that kids will want to eat and that their parents will want them to eat as well.

The collaboration between Top Paddock and Death To Nuggets comes from a shared desire to give kids the option to eat and share good food against a backdrop of the rising rate of childhood obesity in Australia.

“Nathan and I both have young kids. We know that pushing back against the easy, cheap processed choices can be hard. Our view is if everyone in the system does a little more, whether at home, or eating out, or at a Government level, we can make improvements. This menu is a small step, but we hope it will encourage others to join in.”

The menu includes:

  • Not Coco Pops | A healthier alternative to your favourite unbelievably-bad-for-you cereal.
  • Nesting Egg | A poached egg in a tasty nest.
  • The Top Picnic | An indoor picnic for one. It includes edible ants.
  • Strawberry Pudding | A nutritious chia pudding.

The dishes are priced between $9 and $11 and the team will provide some colouring in while you wait.

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