Diet Dummy: We Try A Week Of Healthy Food Delivery

By Sophia McMeekin
8th Jul 2015

A recent incident involving several thousand champagnes and a meat pie has caused me to question my lifestyle choices. 

My job involves eating out, like, a lot, and a typical week’s grub includes your fair share of canapés, trendy food stuffs (doughnuts, you delicious bastards), tempting office deliveries, and unexpected mid-week dranks—I know, it’s a rough gig, but somebody’s got to do it. 

Come Friday I’m usually either hung over, or so hyped on refined sugar and champers that fresh crunchy greens are calling to me, but fitting them in around emails, bar openings, and streaming Orange Is The New Black has proven difficult. Something needs to change before I get scurvy and my hair falls out—I feel ready for a detox of sorts. No cheeky drinks, no 3pm snack attacks. Just healthy chow, all the time. 

So, as I do in times of uncertainty, I turn to the Internet for advice.

Diet Prep

Healthy food delivery services are having a real moment, and Youfoodz has been on my radar for a while now, promising a completely fresh meal delivery experience that’s ideal for time poor office-bound sad sacks like me. I decide to take the plunge.

Now, I have to say, I had my hesitations about having a week’s worth of food delivered in one go. Freeze-dried food doesn’t do it for me. I ain’t no astronaut. And, like any growing girl, I’m a tiny bit scared the portions will be baby-sized and I’ll get really cranky come 3pm and lose all my friends.

Jumping on the Youfoodz website my fears of deprivation and dehydration were quickly squashed. Holy mother of a meatball—the menu looks good! Not like ‘I guess it’s ok for a diet’ good, but ‘get in my mouth you glorious yumminess’ good. 

The menu spans the meal spectrum, from breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and a few cheeky sweet treats thrown in for good measure. I’m like a kid in a nutritionally balanced candy shop, clicking like a mad thing and throwing all the goodies in my virtual cart.The dishes run the gauntlet from low-carb, to GF, to regular-delicious carb levels, and I choose a selection of gluten-free meals, not because I’m allergic to gluten, but because I am in a love affair with toast that is bordering on unhealthy and I feel the carbs and I need to break up for a while.

I also choose some breakfast dishes because they look freakin’ unreal. Bircher with sweet dukkah, get in my belly.

Day 1, Thursday

Well, whaddaya know. I placed my order Wednesday night and there’s a deliveryman at my office with a box of goodies bright and early Thursday morning. Yippee! Food! 

Brimming with smugness and feeling skinnier already, I stock the fridge and threaten my colleagues with sudden death if they so much as lay a finger on my meals. Come lunch time, I tear into a chicken parmy (yes, a good-for-you chicken parmy!), which is both sizeable and delicious. If this is a diet then call me Oprah, ‘cause I’m on board.

Day 2, Friday

healthy food delivery youfoodz

Breakfast is a meal that usually falls by the wayside if I have anything vaguely important to do in the morning, like wash my hair, or cruise Man Repeller for half an hour. Not today, as my insanely good-looking bircher is promptly devoured.  

I’m full until 1pm, which never happens, and my lunch of Thai coconut green curry goes down a treat. My new meals are attracting a lot of attention from jealous co-workers, which I enjoy immensely. If I’ve learnt anything from Mommy blogs, it’s that if someone’s jealous of you, you must be doing something right.

Day 3, Saturday

The weekend is usually a precious time spent gazing fondly at pastries and finding excuses to drink wine at 11am. Not this weekend, though. I distract myself from the fact that everyone else in the world is at a bar, and go to the movies with a gluten-free choc chip cookie smuggled in my handbag. Feel like some kind of virtuous Youfoodz saint.

Day 4, Sunday

Another day, another cracking brekky—the breakfast frittata. (Frittata, I have come to realise, is like quiche for skinny people.)

A lunch date with a friend forces me to break my Youfoodz love affair. They have pizza on the menu—my Achilles heel—but I stick to my guns and go carb-free. Who am I? My friend remarks I’m looking well, which I take to mean my hair is shiny and my skin is glowing. It’s working! Take that scurvy!

Day 5, Monday

healthy food delivery youfoodz

Back in le office on Monday and I’m in meetings all day, which usually leaves me mentally drained, cranky, and willing to sell my first born for a piece of chocolate by 4pm. I’m surprised to find I have the energy of an eight year-old boy, and cruise through without so much as a yawn or a rolled-eye. 

Day 6, Tuesday

I’m practically salsa dancing through the week. 

I wake up early, lie on an exercise mat and do like, 7 whole sit-ups. Then I go for a run. I feel I’m mere days away from a Gwyneth-Paltrow-esque physique. For lunch I eat Filipino lemongrass chicken. It’s delicious. I realise with horror and delight that my meals are about to run out, because that means I get to order again. It dawns on me that Youfoodz has cleverly combined my love of food with my other love, Internet shopping. Rubbing my hands together like a deranged health nut, I order again.

healthy food delivery brisbane

We're chuffed to partner with Youfoodz to bring you this Diet Dummy diet roadtest—a real-world food diary from a diet rookie. This Diet Dummy roadtest was researched and recommended by The Urban List, and delivered by Youfoodz—the fresh food delivery service saving you time for more important things. Find out what's on the menu this week!

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