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PSA: Melbourne’s Getting A Snow-Covered Winter Wonderland

By Chelsey Johnston - 19 Jun 2018


Not really planning on getting out of Melbourne this winter? It’s snow problem—this June and July, Docklands is bringing the snow to you.

Winter often gets a bad rap—the cold, the wind, the rains and all that jazz. But this is a silver lining: a pop-up District Docklands winter village, complete with 15m ice slide. If you need that slide in perspective, it's like 50 foot-long Subway sandwiches, stacked end on end. 

The slide will be popping up on 30 June, and running till 15 July. Finally, here's the opportunity to tube down a giant icy ramp, living your childhood toboggan dreams. It's just like riding the Melbourne Star—only colder (and a tad faster). 

If you're worried you might be a bit too cool to ride a slide, remember, every gold coin donation from the ride goes towards helping youth homelessness with Kids Under Cover. You can hog the line guilt-free, knowing each slide goes to a good cause. 

Also, make sure to check out the new 8m x 8m Snow Play Zone (snow angels anyone?), live ice-carving shows and Virtual Reality Snow Slinger. It’s all the fun of snowball fights...without the whole freezing water down your back kind of thing.

Let's kick some ice. 

The Details 

What: Dockland District Ice Slide 
When: Saturday 30 June – Sunday 15 July
Where: District Docklands
For more info, click here.

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Image credit: District Docklands 

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