Fitness Classes For People Who Hate Fitness

By Ellen Seah
19th Jan 2016

Getting motived enough to leave your bed is hard enough without monotonous squats and endless kilometres. Ain’t nobody got time (or the willpower if we’re being super honest) for that!

To get your motivation meter filled and achieve the perfect build this summer, check out the best fitness classes for people who hate fitness. Who knew exercise could be (sort of) fun?

Justin Bieber Dance Classes

We BELIEBE in your ability to achieve the perfect butt wiggle and hip shimmies with Amrita Hepi! Bringing your favourite sassy dance moves from her video clip, this Sydney babe is coming to Melbourne for one day only - and she’s bringing the beats you’ll be SORRY TO MISS (is it too late to say I’m sorrrrryyyy…for that pun?) Dance classes will be held at Toff in Town on 3 February.

Bey Dance Parties

Girls run the (Bey Dance Party) world. Bring out your inner Beyonce this summer with Melbourne’s Bey Dance studios. Featuring choreographed dances to all of Queen Bey’s best hits, choose between dance routines, Bollywood dances and yoga at the Bey Dance studios. We went to Bey yoga on the weekend, and it was a delightful mix of tree pose and twerking. We don’t know why you’d want to hold downward dog when you can shake like the only single lady in Melbourne.

Hip Hop Yoga

Get your badass (leggings) on and head to one of Yoga 213’s hip hop yoga classes. Fusing R’n’B, traditional yoga and sick beats into one high intensity class, you won’t notice how much energy you've used up until you try to sit down at work the next day! Beginners are welcome and classes run all week. There's even a $30 two week unlimited intro option, 'cause the team at Yoga 213 are top gangstas.

WestSide Derby Dollz Skating Class

Everyone who knows how to rollerblade looks totally sick, especially in summer. There’s just the teensy tiny problem of getting used to staying upright on eight circular wheels, instead of two flat feet - but the experienced skaters from the WestSide Derby Dollz are hosting beginner-friendly classes every Sunday for those who'd like to make the transition. Make sure to bring guards and helmets for the (inevitable) crashes - but who knows, you might be the next new skater girl in town.

Yoga For Rockers

You may be missing rock solid abs, but Yoga For Rockers will spoil the inner beat-boxer inside. Hosting group fitness classes throughout the month in a variety of Melbourne locations, there’s no reason not to attend one of Melbourne’s best dance-yoga class hybrids. It’s gonna rock.

Fusion Dance & Lifestyle Studios

If you’re the type that loves to change your exercise routine around, Fusion Dance and Lifestyle studios are the place for you! With a range of different dance styles on offer from street jazz to ballet, check out their timetable for your weekly cardio fix.

Hoops, Thighs and Buttocks

Ladies, we all have that one area we’d like to improve. As the name implies, Hoops, Thighs and Buttocks is the perfect workout for a perkier tush! Individual hoop classes are available every week, but if you’re feeling energetic thanks to the new year, try signing up to their eight-week booty camp for a real kick-ass workout.

Disco Yoga

If you thought combining Vinyasa Yoga and freestyle dance moves would result in the most uncoordinated studio in Melbourne – you’re probably not far off. But Disco Yoga sessions are fun, relaxed and supportive, and chances are the people around you look just as horrifyingly ridiculous. So skip the melodramatics and jump right into the glitter-filled, fluoro world of Disco Yoga!

The Circus Spot

Bend, twist, and try not to fall at The Circus Spot. Focusing on muscle gain and core strength (and who doesn’t need a bit more of dat), adult aerial classes will get you twirling and spinning like princess…in the air. Classes are sold in terms, so you can’t wiggle out of this knot once you’re tied in! Think of it as motivation...

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