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Food Truck Festival at Coburg Drive-In

By Megan Osborne
14th Dec 2014

Close your eyes and think of the best combination of activities to partake in, in Melbourne, this summer. Obviously food of some sort will be in the picture, we’re thinking a variety; lots to choose from always goes down a treat. Something outdoors, but preferably in the evening so you don’t fry like an egg that was meant to be over easy but turned out somewhere between hardboiled and charred. You’ll want to be entertained, that’s for sure, and maybe the option of enough space to bring a few friends, or that ‘friend’ that you don’t want to be in the friend zone with?

If all those things don’t sound like an epic win to you, then just go home. Go home and stay there, you grumpy cat, you. But if you’re a food-loving, summer-smiling, nature-nutbag, social-stunner, then you are going to LOVE the Coburg Food Truck Festival! Yup, it’s on again, and to say we are stoked is a horrendous understatement. It was so successful previously, that Village Cinemas have decided to bring it all back, with this month’s screenings including Horrible Bosses 2, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, and Exodus: Gods and Kings.

But the bit we’re sure is making you jump for joy is the food trucks. Melbourne loves a good food truck, and the Coburg Drive-In Food Truck Festival will feature eight food trucks each night, on December 17th and 18th. We’re pretty sure we’d take a Melbourne food truck any day over popcorn and choc tops!

Which food trucks will be serving up their sizzling snacks are yet to be confirmed, but past vendors included Happy Camper, Mr Burger, TOASTA, Yogurddiction, The Brûlée Cart and Round The Way Bagels! Either way, there’s sure to be a great variety, from burgers, to snags, to tacos to fro-yo! Look forward to seeing some of our favourite food trucks for summer!

Melbourne foodies, get yo’ wheels to the Coburg Drive-In Food Truck Festival this summer, you know you want to.

Food Truck Festival at Coburg Drive-In 
155 Newlands Road, Coburg

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Image credit: Village Cinemas Facebook.

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