18 Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In Melbourne

By Ben Tyers
8th May 2017

growing up in melbourne

Melbourne is undoubtedly the world’s most liveable city, but it’s a city that has definitely changed a lot over the years—these days it's a city that’s world renowned for its foodie culture, its world-class entertainment and sporting precincts, no longer is it Sydney's weird second cousin to tourists.

We know all of this, we live here, and some of us were lucky enough to grow up here—and if you did, these 18 things will definitely ring true.

  1. It’s great at Wobbies World. There’s heaps to do, bring your friends (and Mum too).
  2. Gumbuya Park was fun for all (and still is with its upcoming multi-million dollar upgrade)
  3. Getting a school visit from Harold the Giraffe to talk about some real stuff.
  4. Swinging on those slightly terrifying clown swings. If anybody knows if there are any that still exist please let me know.
  5. Playing VicKick and getting visited by rookie players that nobody had ever heard of.
  6. Freezing to death while watching your team get flogged at Waverley Park.
  7. Then spending the next 5 hours waiting to get out of the car park.
  8. Prank calling the Y2K Helpline.
  9. Making your parents buy as many showbags as they could carry at Melbourne Show. More Bertie Beetles please.
  10. And never being old enough to ride the Mad Mouse at Melbourne Showgrounds.
  11. Being jealous of your friends who had Dunkaroos in their lunchbox.
  12. Straz sandwiches.
  13. Footy Sticker Books. I never did collect every sticker.
  14. Racking up a hefty collection of Grug books without every really understanding what Grug was/is.
  15. Knowing that Raggy Dolls was compulsory viewing.
  16. Sunny Boys/Zooper Doopers AKA Tubes
  17. Buying dubious wares from Caribbean Gardens.
  18. Showing off your mad yo-yo skills.

That was Melbourne then, but if you want to know what’s happening in Melbourne now, you only need to click here.

Image credit: The Island Continent

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