Health Dummy | We Try The Hangover Clinic

By Bree Nowland
17th Feb 2016

The Hangover Clinic Sydney
The Hangover Clinic Sydney
The Hangover Clinic Sydney
The Hangover Clinic Sydney
The Hangover Clinic Sydney
The Hangover Clinic Sydney
The Hangover Clinic Sydney
The Hangover Clinic Sydney
The Hangover Clinic Sydney
The Hangover Clinic Sydney

How many times have you promised yourself you’re NEVER drinking again? Yeah, us too. We’ve all endured those mornings… the ones where you’re almost too scared to get out of bed because you don’t want to face the head/body/everything ache that you know is unquestionably immanent upon rising. 

Well, we may have just found a hangover cure... Not the (ridiculous) type that involves two Aspirins, a Berocca, an espresso, 3L of water and 17 jumping jacks after a night out; a serious hangover cure. There’s doctors involved and all. Intrigued? Us too.

Introducing… The hangover.clinic

It’s 6AM on Friday morning, I’m dressed for work but I am swinging past Surry Hills to visit hangover.clinic; a clinic that’s the very first of it’s kind in Australia. The clinic offers a range of treatments based on direct intravenous introduction of fluids and vitamins. Am I skeptical? Sure. A little scared? I’d definitely be lying if I said no.

What can I expect?

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by some of Sydney’s friendliest faces, expect to spot Max Petro, the co-founder of hangover.clinic, an ex-ski instructor that has endured some serious nights out—AKA he totally empathizes with your seriously hung-over self; as well as fully qualified and licensed doctors and nurses. 
After a quick chat with the team, I’m taken through to the private consultation room, where I’m asked a series of quick questions about my medical history.

Who should visit the hangover.clinic?

The hangover.clinic was designed with the ethos of ensuring that their clientele get the most out of life. Whether you had one, two (or seven) too many drinks last night, have been working out too much or simply are feeling a little run-down lately, there’s a treatment for everyone. Co-founder Max Petro tells us that his loyal clients range from serious party go-ers to CBD-based executives who want a vitality-boost pre a big meeting.

Selecting your IV of choice

There’s four hangover remedies as well as another four options for “life hangovers”—think stress to fatigue to jetlag to man flu. Each treatment includes over a litre of water infused with electrolytes blended with powerful vitamins and antioxidants. 

Full disclosure here, I’m not actually hung-over. Did I have juuust one too many glasses of rosé last night? Yes, yes I did. Couple that with lingering jet-lag, late nights in the office and opting for not skipping Pilates over catching up on sleep… Do I feel amazing this morning? Nope. My (incredibly lovely) nurse suggests I go with the basic ‘Hydro’ treatment for a quick pep-up before the weekend. 

Then it’s time to get hooked up (eek!!)

Now is probably a good time to share that I am near terrified of needles. Complimentary flu shots? Pass. Vaccinations pre-travelling? I mean, unless it’s almost inevitable that I will contract a life threatening illness or be forced to waste a (really expensive) plane ticket, thanks but, no thanks. 

My palms are sweating but the catheter (yuck) is in my arm before I know it… #BESTNURSEEVER. I’m escorted to the serene treatment area, complete with dim lighting, comfy arm-chairs and glossy magazines. I take a seat and am hooked up to my drip and an oxygen tank then left to relax. I have to admit, I feel a tiny bit ridiculous, like this is something I’d watch someone get on a reality TV show. But at the same time, I’m kind of loving it. Ten minutes in to my treatment, I’m brought a vitamin-infused fresh green juice served in a beaker with a shot glass of headache and nausea tablets. How appropriate. 

After about 40 minutes, my IV-bag is empty and I’m ready to be “unhooked”… I’m happy to report as someone with a self-confessed needle phobia, I completely forgot it was there throughout my treatment and removing it was a breeze. Phew!

The verdict?

I leave the hangover.clinic after my treatment with a bottle of water in hand, it’s not yet 7AM, I haven’t had a coffee yet and I feel refreshed and full of energy. Is it just my brain convincing myself that I should feel amazing? Maybe. Would I visit again? Even I’m surprised to say, absolutely. 

We can’t promise the hangover.clinic will cure all your hung-over woes (they also can’t erase whatever you Snapchatted under the influence). We can say that you’ll leave rejuvenated, rehydrated and will feel less nauseous and sorry for yourself than if you don’t leave your bedroom. 

If you really can’t bear to leave your house—or have zero time to Uber it to the Surry Hills clinic, hangover.clinic will soon be offering at-home treatments across Sydney’s CBD and East, which means you now no longer have an excuse for pulling a sick day or being a no-show at brunch…

Image credit: the hangover.clinic, Bree Nowland

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