Melbourne’s 30 Healthiest Brunch Dishes

By Millie Lester
17th Jul 2017


Swimsuit season isn’t quite around the corner, but it’s evil biatch of a second cousin—tank top season—is, which means it’s probably time to cut down on the three eggs bennies per week that you’ve been sustaining for the past six months (*slow clap* though).

Here are our favourite healthy brunches in Melbourne.

  1. The Matcha Made In Heaven at Hawthorn’s Short Straw with oat porridge cooked in matcha & soy milk with poached baby pear, dehydrated fig & agave. It would be rude not to also add banana & granola for an extra three buckaroos.
  2. The Cave Man Granola at Fitzroy’s Stagger Lee’s with toasted almonds and meal, mixed seeds, coconut, strawberries, banana and organic milk with a raspberry coyo.
  3. The cranberry & apricot bircher muesli with seasonal fruit & pistachio candy at South Melbourne’s The Crux & Co.
  4. The acai bowl at Prahran’s Fourth Chapter with coyo, berries, coconut water, granola and peanut butter.
  5. The bake stone fruit with natural yoghurt, pistachios, basil, pomegranate, honey and savoiardi crumbs at Brunswick’s Small Axe Kitchen.
  6. The nut & seed muesli with mango yoghurt panna cotta, raspberry coulis, kiwi fruit & fresh berries from Mount Waverley’s Son Of Tucci.
  7. Brother Hen’s Farm Yard Bircher with almond & pear soaked oats, barambah organic greek yoghurt, poached pear, fresh berries, green apple & superfood sprinkles in Moonee Ponds.
  8. The chia, berries, green tea cookies and labna from South Yarra’s Abacus Bar & Kitchen.
  9. The Organic Vanilla & Almond Porridge at Bentleigh East’s Astroluxe with spiced poached pear, orange syrup, cacao granola and berries.
  10. The Quinoa & Coconut Porridge with buckwheat, crushed almonds, burnt honey and marsala figs at Toorak’s Grange Road Egg Shop.
  11. The blueberry, coconut and banana chia pudding with vanilla yoghurt, roasted stone fruit, figs, pistachios and cacao at Carnegie’s Left Field.
  12. North Melbourne’s Auction Rooms has a must-eat Seasonal Fresh Fruit & Seed Salad with compressed watermelon, berries, stone fruit, passionfruit mandarin dressing & lemon ricotta.
  13. Windsor’s Journeyman serves up an incredible coconut chia pudding with fresh fruit, mango puree and crispy coconut.
  14. The Matcha Smoothie Bowl at Port Melbourne’s Long Story Short with banana, nashi pear, raw almonds, baked granola, spirulina, white chia, grass jelly, almond milk and edible flowers (!!).
  15. The Semolina Porridge at the CBD’s Higher Ground with roasted & fresh blueberries, tonka beans, lemon balm and black sesame (faaaancy).
  16. The coconut set chia with winter citrus, mandarin sorbet and toasted coconut at South Melbourne’s The Kettle Black.
  17. The rhubarb & apple at porridge with coconut, toasted almonds and cream at Richmond’s [famous] Top Paddock.
  18. The 5 Grain Porridge with lychees, passionfruit creme fraiche and toasted coconut at the CBD’s Hardware Societe.
  19. The chia pudding with mango, coconut and macadamia crumble at Armadale’s Mammoth.
  20. The red quinoa & pistachio pilaf with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, toasted seeds, poached eggs & citrus dressing at Hawthorn’s Axil Coffee Roasters.
  21. The acai bowl with fresh banana, protein powder, blueberries, peanut butter, coconut, freeze dried mandarin, granola, banana chips and natural yoghurt at District North in Moonee Ponds.
  22. The coconut chia pudding with rhubarb, macadamia, strawberries, white chocolate, coconut and sorrel foam at Fitzroy’s Addict Food & Coffee.
  23. The5 Grain Porridge with seasonal poached fruit, applestroop and milk at Footscray’s Rudimentary.
  24. The Wild Oat Porridge with quinoa, chia seeds, coconut, roasted nuts, cinnamon poached rhubarb, fresh banana & honey at Prahran’s Tall Timber.
  25. The roast carrot salad with falafel, hummus & harissa yoghurt at Brunswick East’s Pope Joan.
  26. Carlton North’s Small Victories packs a healthy punch with its poached eggs on toast with baba ganoush, pomegranate, walnuts, herbs, crisp chard, house fermented gherkins, rye crisp, finnish mustard and horseradish.
  27. The green fritters made with spinach, broad beans, baby peas and zucchini, served on balsamic glaze with cucumber and heirloom tomato salsa and sesame yoghurt at Brunswick’s Miss Marmalade.
  28. The Oat Porridge served with mulled wine poached quince, roasted almonds, honey and raspberry labna at Hawthorn’s Liar Liar.
  29. The Trout Salad with peas, baked ricotta, asparagus, green beans, fennel, sprouts, lemon zest and poached eggs from the Footscray Milking Station.
  30. The Rosewater Compressed Watermelon with lemon myrtle panna cotta, bee pollen curd and wattleseed granola at Fitzroy’s Industry Beans.

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Image credit: Abacus | Michelle Jarni

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