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Here’s Where You Can Get All-You-Can-Eat Vegan For $25

By James Shackell - 06 Jun 2018


Good news, plant-eaters. St Kilda’s Indian staple, Babu Ji, is launching dinner on Tuesday nights. And it’s rather a lot of dinner...

In fact, Babu Ji have just announced that Tuesdays from 19 June will be All You Can Eat Vegan Nights. No animals and no limit. Also, no gluten, if you’re worried about that. It’s about as happy as your digestive system’s gonna get (although fair warning, some of those Babu Ji curries can melt plastic and singe your eyebrows off. Check with your waiter for chilli preference).

The vegan and gluten-free menu is set to change weekly, but you can expect dishes like Dal Makhani (black lentils with ginger, garlic and garaam masala, cooked for 12 hours) and Aloo Baingan (eggplant and potato curry with roasted pine nuts and raisins). The meal will cost you $25, and that includes bottomless curries, cumin-infused Basmati rice and a papadum. You can get gluten-free and dairy-free naan for a few pennies extra.

“We’re launching vegan Tuesdays, not only because we should all be eating less meat but because Indian food has so many vegan options that are so naturally tasty and nutritious,” says Babu Ji owner Mani Waraich. “Babu Ji isn’t your typical Indian joint, and vegan Tuesdays will expand on this.” 

The first vegan all-you-can-eat Tuesday will be 19 June, and it’ll help raise money for the Sacred Heart Mission. Oh yeah, and smuggling bacon in your purse is frowned upon. Don’t be that guy.

The Details

Where: Babu Ji 4-6 Grey St, St Kilda
When: Every Tuesday from 19 June
For more info, click here.

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Image credit: Babu Ji

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