No Place Like Home | Home Juice To Open in Docklands

By Hannah Valmadre
8th Oct 2014

Home Juice is about to open their flagship store at Docklands, and you'd be hard pressed (#sorrynotsorry) to find a more dedicated bunch of health enthusiasts. Founder and creator, Scott Parry, is clearly passionate about healthy living, doing right by your body, and helping others to do so as well. He has combined his business experience with his passion for health to create Home Juice, a place where people can make informed and therefore better health decisions. 

Home Juice's focus is on producing organic, freshly made cold-pressed juice that packs a punch when it comes to nutritional content. Interestingly, cold-pressed juices have been shown to contain more vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes compared to juices that have been made with traditional, centrifugal juicers. To explain it simply, cold pressed juicing involves the use of a liquid extraction press, which pulverises fruit and vegetables into a pulp using a slow spinning blade. The liquid is then extracted from the left over pulp through pressure, allowing the juice to maintain plenty of flavour and nutrients.

At Home Juice you can expect to purchase anything from juices, to smoothies, elixirs, tonics and cacao drinks. For those really looking for a detox, Home is happy to help. Anyone wishing to participate in a Home Cleanse will be given clearly defined instructions and a step-by-step guide that best suits where they are at on their health journey, and also any particular goals they are looking to achieve. Oh yeah, and of course they'll mix up the juices for you.

It's not just liquids that are on offer at Home Juice, they also plan to stock raw desserts and scrumptious salads. Their raw vegan chocolate chia, layered with coconut cashew, raspberries, cacao and walnut date crunch looks mouth watering to us. We found it on their Facebook page. We keep looking at it. 

Another important focus for Home Juice is not just the method of producing their goods, but the ingredients. Everything in their cold pressed juices, smoothies, salads and raw food products is 100% organic. Not a preservative, pesticide, herbicide, fungicides or toxic metal in sight, giving you the best leg up when it comes to improving nutrition.

Whether you are dropping in for a healthy lunch, a juice on the go or a raw dessert to keep sugar cravings at bay, Home Juice will help you out.

Home Juice opens Monday October 13th at Shop 9, 720 Bourke Street in Docklands.

Main image credit: The Improv Kitchen

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