Horoscopes: Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

By Melanie Host
25th Apr 2017


Another month is ending, and let’s face it, we’ve already forgotten most of our new year's reso’s, right? You need new goals to set. New stars to reach for. Something that fits your level of self-discipline, which (if you’re anything like us) is probably hovering around eating-the-fallen-cheesecake-10-seconds-after-it-hit-the-floor. Here’s your cosmic guide to the week. Use it wisely.


If your efforts to save have been failing lately (and we know they have), you’ll notice that this week’s going to be different. Your financial planet is smiling at you, and you’ll be brimming with newfound super saving tips.

Kick start the savings with our value-stuffed lists – 50 cheap eats under $10 + 100 more. You’re welcome.


Woah there, slow down! You’ve been EVERYWHERE lately, which isn’t a bad thing, but when you start to tense up, you’ll affect those around you. Set aside a few hours for a quiet stroll and some well-deserved me-time.

Melbourne’s scored a world-exclusive Van Gogh exhibit, and you can be the first to see it.


As the moon moves closer to your dominant planet, you might start to resemble that emo kid from high school, the one who was always deep in thought. Here’s a piece of advice for you, Cancer, get out of the house and into the company of others as often as you can.

Turns out Air camping is officially a thing, so grab your friends and get booking!


Three cheers, and three cheers and three cheers for Leo! The stars are shining brightly over your relationships, and as the weather outside’s getting colder, your insides are getting warmer. Try not to gross us out with your excessive heart emojis, but it sounds like someone’s going to find their sweetheart this week.

The WORLD’s first matcha pavlova is perfect for you lovebirds to share!


Your planets are staying aligned throughout this week, which translates to an unshakeable faith in partnerships. You’ve given your partner (or future partner) absolutely nothing to worry about, and it’s in the stars that you two will experience a moment worth celebrating. Partay!

Rewind to the start of the year when doughnut ice cream sandwiches landed in Melbourne!


With April coming to an end and Mars (your planet of love) shifting back, your love life is finally settling down. Whether that means a clean break or a decision to stay, you’re going to be happier from now on!

It’s happiness in a drink. Flashback to when we first discovered lattes that smile back at you.


This week, you’ll need to tone down the inner fire and set it to low heat. Instead of just spewing out every first thought and thinking out loud, start taking things in, one step at a time. Here’s our cautious reminder to listen more than you speak…and eat more than you should.

We’ve rounded up the best all-you-can-eat venues in Melbourne.


We have good news and bad news, Saggos: first, this is a great week for your health. You’re the epitome of wellness, with an extra high metabolism (great time to hit the gym?), BUT (there’s almost ALWAYS a but…) you’re going to find yourself craving the unhealthiest sugary treats in history. Our thoughts? Just go for it!

‘Twas the end of last year when the lovechild of icy poles and alcohol arrived in Melbourne. Here’s where you can get some or you could just make your own!


There, there, Capricorns… We know that recent long list of disasters have got you super upset, but no failure is final. You’ll go nowhere but up from here. The stars are telling us that you desperately need a mid-week pick-me-up in the form of good ol’ chocolate. I mean, chocolate can solve anything, amirite?

Throwback to when you first poured delicious Mörk hot chocolate into a big ball of fairy floss. And if you haven’t, do so here.


According to the alignment of the stars, the luckiest day of the month for you is set to be the 30th! So seize the day, my dear friend, and ceeeelebrate good times, come on. ‘Til then, keep your friends and family close or you’ll be at risk of losing someone important to you.

The 30th, aye? Go nuts! Think of the time when Melbourne’s favourite spread (debatable) found itself sandwiched between a pair of buns.


You’re absolutely brimming with ideas as your imagination runs wild this week! The world needs more brilliant people like you, Pisces. Probably the same people who came up with cronuts and sushitos... Put that creative energy to good use and pick up a new project you’ve been procrastinating.

Speaking of creative ideas… Thank the heavens for the day Mr Miyagi brought sushi tacos to the menu – It’s time for a revisit.


Aries’ energy levels are crazy high this week, and at the rate you’re going, you’ll have a ton of extra time. Not too sure what to do with it? We say it’s time to hipster it up, exploring every nook and cranny you’ve never been before in beautiful Melbourne.

Remember when we spilled the beans on Melbourne’s secret everything? Twice?!

Need more suggestions to deal with your week ahead? Search our Directory for the best of Melbourne.

Design Credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

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