Horoscopes: Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

By Nathan Santamaria
6th Sep 2016

Over here at The Urban List, we want our readers to know what's in store for them for the week ahead. So we're bringing you horoscopes for real people - who want their cosmic predictions with a side of honesty. Here are your horror-scopes, including suggestions for where to drown those mystical sorrows when you find out what you're *really* in for this week.


Looks like you could be in for a bit of luck with any potential relationships or business collaborations this week Pisces. With a solar eclipse in your sector, budding romances could start to bloom and now could be the time to start thinking about taking the next step.

Where you need to go this week: Check out these great first-date spots that will likely get you a second.


This is your week Aries. You still have some leftover luck with three upbeat planets still hovering near Virgo. However, your luck may run out after this week so if you were thinking of trying something new or adventurous then now is the time!

Where you need to go this week: Have a crack at mixing your own perfect Spring Cocktail.


It's time for you to crack your wintery cocoon and emerge as the social butterfly you are! Your social circles are on point this week Taurus, with Mercury zipping through your sector. You may find yourself swept up in this weekend's antics and hey, why not, it might be time to let loose a bit.

Where you need to go this week: Take a look at these bars to gear up for your weekend ahead.


Home and family are on your mind this week Gemini. It might be a good idea to put aside some time to spend with your loved ones. Working on any DIY projects or home improvements would fit right into your mood this week.

Where you need to go this week: Head down to The Family Love Tree to brighten up your home décor.


Things are looking a bit rocky for the week ahead Cancer. Mercury is flipping all over your zone and will be for a few more weeks, so maybe hold on signing off on any new contacts. It might be a good week to take a step back and give yourself time to relax.

Where you need to go this week: Try The Luxton Clinic for a bit of relaxation and a health kick.


The coming week could be quite a fun on for you Leos, just be careful what you spend time and money on. That doesn’t mean sit at home all week either! Get out there and take advantage of those positive vibes you’re feeling.

Where you need to go this week: Try to save a bit of cash while still having a ball with 20 Things to Do In Melbourne On A Budget.


Feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut? Unfortunately that might continue through the early parts of the week Virgo. But never fear, your weekend is looking up. Try mixing things up a bit and you might find you like the changes.

Where you need to go this week: Need a new look? If you’ve ever thought about trying a stylist then now could be the time.


Your friends and family may need you this week Libra. You could find yourself giving advice or comforting others who need a shoulder to cry on. That doesn’t mean it’s not all about you though. Take this opportunity to reconnect or spend some quality time with loved ones.

Where you need to go this week: Comfort food doesn’t always need to equal unhealthy. Check out these Winter Comfort Foods That Are Actually Healthy.


It’s all social this week Scorpios. New friendships blossoming, old flames walking back into your life and opportunities for reunions. An eclipse on Thursday could bring changes to your social life but whatever happens, don’t stress, it could be the start of something good.

Where you need to go this week: Time to get out there and check out some of Melbourne’s Most Underrated Bars.


We all like to sit in our nice, little familiar bubble, but it’s about time to break out and try something new. The Sun is in a dynamic section of your chart Sagittarius so take advantage of opportunities and make spur of the moment plans, even if it’s a little outside your comfort zone.

Where you need to go this week: If you can find the time, a quick weekend away could be just the thing you need.


Is the travel bug inside you itching to get out? Not surprising really considering this week’s solar eclipse in your charts. It might be time to start planning a bit of a holiday, whether that’s just a weekend away or a full-blown overseas trek. Either way, don’t be too hasty and rush into decisions and plan your trip carefully Capricorns.

Where you need to go this week: If you’re serious about a holiday then check out this hot new travel destination.


You may be stressing out a bit over financials this week Aquarius, and with Mercury doing backflips in your sign that’s no surprise. These financial issues may be holding you back a bit but try not to be too distracted by them. Your relationships could suffer if you spend too much time worrying about money.

Where you need to go this week: On a bit of a budget but still want to shop? Try these Op Shops to see if you can dig out any gems.

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