How To Avoid A Festive Season Binge

By Ellie Schneider
11th Dec 2014

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and for most of us that means gorging on mince pies, pavlovas and barbecued-meats galore and then left wondering how we put on those extra kilos come January. Well, not this year! Luckily, we’ve found just the thing to keep you on track during the holidays, and trust us, this doesn’t mean ditching the good stuff (there will be no Debbie Downers here!). Introducing Youfoodz – the healthy home delivery specialists. You’ll want to get well acquainted with these guys cause they’re about to become your best friend and your support system through the silly season and beyond.

Okay, so beating the Christmas bulge is easier said than done but how do you actually do it? Well, the key to maintaining your weight is staying ahead of your hunger. Youfoodz have created a range of nutritious, freshly made meals that taste mighty delicious. And here’s the best part – they deliver straight to your door. With the touch of a button you can stock up on enough meals to get you through the whole festive season (read on for a special TUL offer!). It’s perfect for those of us whose idea of a holiday is breakfast in bed, and possibly lunch and dinner too! There are weekly meal plans available or you can just scour their website (which is brimming with drool-worthy options) and pick and choose as you like. Meals differ in extremity from the ‘Pure Convenience’ plan to the ‘Clean and Lean’ and ‘Urgent Fat Burner’, for you serious health nuts. They even offer complete meal plans for the paleo and gluten-free.

For those who prefer to select all the best bits, you can’t go past the honey-glazed Huon Tasmanian salmon with fresh market vegetables, the grass-fed Thai beef and vermicelli salad, or the rosemary roast lamb with roast vegetables and mint-infused pea mash. You’ll also want to stock up on some healthy snacks, and stay clear of those not-so-good-for-you canapés. Take your pick from delectable protein brownies, apple and pear crumble, and the best peanut butter protein balls we’ve ever tasted!

So, there’s really no need to drop your guard this season. You can still have all the fun and not feel too guilty come January 1. To get started, visit the Youfoodz website, and use code yfurban20 to receive $20 off all first time orders (over $99).

Image credit: Youfoodz

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