How to Get a Killer Core

By Iro Kotsimbos
6th Feb 2015

It’s one of the top fitness goals around—achieving a killer core, abs of steel, a mid-section you could bounce a coin off. Oh yeah, we hear it time and time again (and we totally want the same thing!). The question is, how on earth do you even come close to achieving Victoria’s Secret model abs?

Well, Listers, we can help you there! Considering crop tops, cut-outs and all manner of ab-flashing get ups are the rage at the moment, we thought it was only fair to hunt down the best core workouts in Melbourne.

The five fitness studios below offer a variety of Melbourne’s best pilates, cycling, bootcamp and barre classes; however, one thing remains the same—all are designed to help your achieve your fitness goal of having the fabbest abs in town.

Core workouts, come at us!

Xtreme Pilates X


At Xtreme Pilates X in Fairfield the ripped team of trainers live by the motto ‘Less Time, More Intensity, Greater Results’ – so while the classes are shorter (25 minutes, to be precise) you better be ready to sweat like never before as you work your way towards abs of steel. Of all their high performance, high intensity classes, XPX’s Lower Shred makes our list of best core workouts – the combination of pilates, reformer bed and cardio helps to tone, condition and strengthen the core, as well as shredding your lower half!  Looking for something even more hardcore? Well, you’re in luck because Xtreme Pilates X will soon be introducing the aptly named HardCore classes, a 25 minute ABdomination!


Core Candy


Core Candy, a boutique fitness studio on Chapel Street, boasts another one of the best core workouts in Melbourne—no surprises there, with a name like that! While all their classes are great for the core, we’re big fans of the Pilates Springboard, a class that utilises the spring side of the Cadillac attached to the wall, along with rings, rollers and other accessories, to really work the core muscles. The beauty of Core Candy’s Pilates Springboard class is that it’s low impact but still delivers serious results. Be prepared to see results in a matter of sessions!

Barre Body

Melbourne CBD, Richmond, Windsor and Fitzroy

Urban Listers, if you haven’t tried a barre class, wowee, you’re missing out on one the best core workouts around! Barre Body, a series of fitness studios in Richmond, Windsor, the CBD and Fitzroy, specialise in ballet barre classes that also incorporate yoga and pilates movements. Their Barre Tone class is our fave —it’s fast paced and utilises both the barre and hand weights in order to transform your core into something you’ll want to show off.

Trifusion Fitness


Amongst all the car dealerships that line Nepean Highway in Bentleigh is TriFusion—a neat little gym staffed by some of the friendliest trainers around. Don’t let their friendly nature fool you, though—they’re going to make you work! The Trifusion team run a series of group classes, along with PT sessions, with the Lean Body Bootcamp our pick as one of Melbourne’s best core workouts. The group class takes you through a series of dynamic core exercises including twisting crunches, Spiderman plank crunches, bicycle crunches, cross crunches (can you see a pattern here?!) and more. Running multiple times a week, we suggest you try one STAT – ripper abs await!



SpinStar, an indoor cycling studio in Prahran, rounds out our list of top core workouts—their sessions are so fast-paced and fun that you’ll (almost) forget you’re exercising! SpinStar's signature Spin classes deliver a full body workout so not only will they blitz your abdominal muscles, they’ll also help improve your cardio fitness, muscle strength, posture, coordination and more. So what are you waiting for? Get on your SpinStar bike and start cycling your way towards a taught and toned core. 

Image Credit: Hypebeast

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