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How To Make Your Tiny Balcony Look Uber Luxe

By Millie Lester
16th Jan 2018

If you’re anything like the four-zillion townhouse and apartment inhabitants in Melbourne, lusting over the super decadent courtyard at your local brunch hotspot, then you’re probably also devastated that the only connection you have to ~the great outdoors~ is the tiny balcony you hang your washing on. Well, according to furniture and homeware mecca—Fenton & Fenton—it’s time to put away those elaborate mood boards because that #inspo is about to become reality.

These local design geniuses have heard your cries of ‘I just want somewhere comfortable yet classy to ready my latest Jodi Picoult Christmas novel and enjoy a vino or two with half a dozen of my closest friends’ and have returned with what can only be described as faultless instructions to create the most luxe outdoor entertaining micro-space imaginable.

So, here it is—the ultimate checklist for the uber-luxe outdoor space your tiny balcony could be and should be this summer.

1. A Glam Umbrella

First things first, you’ll need an umbrella because in case you hadn’t heard, there’s a hole in the ozone layer above our wonderful country (plus they make FAB outdoor accessories). One umbrella the team at Fenton & Fenton can’t take their eyes off is the Basil Bangs Beach Umbrella which come in a bunch of luxe designs the team can’t stop ogling—Botanica and 1964 By Amelia Graham.

2. A Feature Table

The next piece you’ll need is something you can lay your OTT cheese platters on all summer long - a table. When it comes to the perfect table for your tiny but luxe balcony, there are a few options. You can go for a bigger charcoal feature piece, like the Malibu Dining Table or the The Layla Nood Dining Table, or something a little smaller like the Grille Outdoor Residential Table that may not seat your whole fam, but certainly you and your favourite parent.

3. Ultra Comfy Chairs

Up next is where you’ll lay your caboose - the chairs. The important thing to remember when it comes to chairs is the comfort factor, which is why Fenton & Fenton can’t stop gushing about the Casablanca Arm Chair for its simplistic and padded design. The Marrakesh Tub Chair will, on the other hand, add some extra spice to your balcony, and the Coral Lounger Chair (in fluro watermelon!) will glam the whole place right effing up. For something different, and if your space allows, Fenton & Fenton also recommend the Nomad Hanging Chair or the Berber Rocker just for an added dimension to your outdoor space (and because quite frankly the more chairs, the merrier).

4. Funky Cushions

Obviously, no chair is complete without a comfy cushion and right now you’d be bonkers not to grab a Basil Bangs Outdoor Cushion in Modernist or Tessuti Campari.

5. An Eye-Catching Rug

Like cushions, no balcony is complete without a touch of comfort under your toes and the only outdoor rug worth considering this summer is the Basil Bangs Outdoor Love Rug in the Daytripper design.

6. A Fab Range Of Plant Pots

Moving onto one of our favourite balcony features - the plant factor. An outdoor area without a touch of flora would basically fail a room reveal on The Block, especially if you don’t have the right pots. Fortunately, the guys at Fenton & Fenton have an incredible eye for this stuff and they swear by the Terrazo Pot because it comes in a bunch of different sizes and summery colours which means they can be customised to suit your own unique balcony look. The Pop and Scott Ricardo Earth Pot is also fantastic if you love earthy tones, and if you prefer to keep your plants at eye level (or at least off the ground) opt for the Rattan Plant Stand.

7. Some Game-Changing Accessories

Accessories are the way you make your outdoor balcony ~yours~. Some funky additions that can make your tiny outdoor area pop include a Brass Pineapple Canister, The Flower Addict Book by Saskia Havekes, the Big Shapes Green Towel (for some luxe drapery) and the soft pink Terrazzo Tooth Stump to rest your summer vinos on.

Some great table-toppers include the Bone Inlay Small Rectangular Tray for serving those Pimms cocktails, the Jai Vasicek Amira Ceramic Bowl for those Red Rock Deli chips, and the Fenton & Fenton Marble Oval Board for elaborate cheese platters. 

If, like us, you love a fine wine in the sun, the Rattan Bar Cart is absolute MUST. And even if you don’t really enjoy a drop of the good stuff, you can simply top it with some ritzy Mario Luca Giusti Dolce Vita Water Glasses and a Pitcher.

8. The Statement Piece

Quite frankly, if you didn’t add an Inflatable Giant Swan to your balcony did summer even come this year? No.

Without Fenton & Fenton’s flawless design guidance, we’d probably be sipping boxed wine from red cups on a couple of milk crates, but thanks to their brilliant insight and hot decorating tips, stealing our neighbour’s hard rubbish is no longer the only option. So, grab your wallet and run because Fenton & Fenton’s summer stock won’t last long now that their uber luxe balcony design secrets are out.

Image credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List.

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