Is Melbourne Getting A Disneyland?

By Ellen Seah
22nd Apr 2016

melbourne is getting a disneyland

HOLD BACK YOUR HAPPINESS, SUCK IN YOUR ECSTASY AND DO. NOT. SCREAM. EVEN THOUGH I AM CLEARLY, CLEARLY SCREAMING THROUGH THE SCREEN. Melbourne could soon be the next place to have the happiest place on Earth (kind of).

Dubbed the urban wasteland of Melbourne, Docklands has been eagerly offered up like a suburban sacrificial lamb—all in the name of eternal, widespread happiness of course. Columnist Rita Panahi floated the idea of a Disney theme park during a chat on radio this month, as a way to bring some life to the Docklands area (which, let's all admit, is not the most vibrant corner of our fair city.) 

Even Docklands Community Association president Roger Gardner admitted it could be a viable idea to bring more foot traffic to the suburb: “We haven’t discussed that with anybody at this time but I would say it’s a reasonable idea to consider... It would bring people to the area but where you would build it would be a key consideration.”

Tourism and Transport Forum Australia chief executive Margy Osmond jumped on board the Disney train shortly afterwards: “A new theme park based in Melbourne could be an exciting new opportunity for Australia’s second largest city and something that could be pursued by the Victorian government in partnership with one or more of the fantastic theme park operators across Australia."

“They are significant drawcards to visit a city or a region and are usually located high up on the ‘must-do’ list of domestic and international visitors.”

Adjacent to the Yarra River, and largely undeveloped compared to the majority of Melbourne’s metropolitan, the idea of a dancing Mickey and Minnie Mouse has got some wheels spinning—now all we need to do is get that dosh flowing like a cash-heavy Magic Mountain.

Dreams can come true... as long as you pray to the magic of Disney. #disneylandmelbourne #cometous #nowpls

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