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It’s Official: Melbourne Pays More For Coffee Than Sydney

By James Shackell
3rd May 2017


We’ll probably never settle the whole Melbourne vs Sydney debate. (They have a Bridge, we have class. Let’s just leave it at that.) But new information has come to light that is both disturbing and deeply, deeply unfair.

Queue-dodging app Skip just crunched the numbers on 150,000 coffee orders and found that Melburnians are paying 9% more for a large coffee than our harbour-loving cousins. Not only that, but it’s getting worse.

The median price of a large coffee in Melbourne has now risen to $4.50. We don’t know how many of you remember Year 7 stats, but that means there are coffees out there (probably in South Yarra, let’s face it) that cost MORE than $4.50. What kind of sick capitalist system have we created here, people? Meanwhile Sydneysiders are laughing into their stupid, reasonably priced cappuccinos (the study also found Sydney people like cappuccinos—not surprising).

In other news, Tasmanians were found to skull the strongest coffee (tough nuts), while Melbourne is the only place in the country where ‘Magic’ is still a thing. Magic coffee, FYI, is a double ristretto topped with milk and served in a 150ml tulip cup, and only a 150ml tulip cup.

We really are coffee wankers aren’t we…

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Image credit: Gabriella Bjorklund

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