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It’s Officially The Future: Drone-Delivered Burgers Are Here!

By Clare Acheson
16th Jul 2015

melbourne burger invitational

From the moment Marty McFly stepped into his self-lacing Nikes and jumped onto his jet-powered hoverboard, the future seemed like a pretty appealing place. However, none of Doc Brown’s creations quite matches my excitement for what’s about to hit Melbourne, Listers. Yes, DRONE-DELIVERED BURGERS (yup, that’s a burger, delivered to you by a tiny air-borne computer-controlled drone) are a real live thing, and it’s all thanks to Monash University, Mr Burger and a high-tech aerial photography company called XM2.

On Sunday 2nd August, as part of Monash University’s annual open days at both its Caulfield and Clayton campus, they’re hosting Future Burger, a day of drone-delivered burgers and chats about the future of your education. Assisted by the university’s team of tech boffins from the Faculty of Information technology, six drones complete with custom-designed burger caddies will zoom around the campus, dishing out free Mr Burger treats to lucky competition entrants.

Not only will you be able to see some real-world burger action, there will also be the opportunity to strap into an Oculus Rift (aka. the latest and greatest virtual reality headset) and play Future Burger, the video game, in which you zip around a burger-laden universe, collecting as many patties as possible before you run out of fries. EPIC.

Want a chance to chomp down on a Mr Burger that’s been delivered to you from the future? Head on over to the Future Burger website for all the details, burger fans!

Sign up for Future Burger here
Sunday 2nd August | Monash University, Caulfield and Clayton

Image credit: Mr Burger via Facebook

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