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Kickstart a New Hobby With These 10 Alternative Workshops

By Emily Hutchinson
17th Nov 2014

If you have been feeling uninspired recently, maybe it's about time to take up a new hobby. Forget the clichéd art and cooking classes; instead, why not try something a bit left field? Here are 10 workshops and classes in Melbourne to get the ball rolling on a cool new hobby that will, at the very least, make you a lot more interesting at parties.  

Woodworking and Design at Handsome & Co | Richmond

Fancy yourself as a bit of a lumberjack? Handsome & Co offers both short and full semester-long courses for those wanting to learn the skills of woodworking. Students learn the essentials of furniture-making and basic woodworking design to decorate their homes with their very own unique creations. 

Photography at Centre of Contemporary Photography | Fitzroy

It seems like recently, everyone has picked up a camera, flashed it around and called themselves photographers. If you want to stand out from the herd and take truly unique and mesmerising images on your time off, check out the variety of photography courses at The Centre of Contemporary Photography. With a number of workshops on offer for budding photographers, you can go from learning the basics of lighting composition to capturing mind-blowing architecture, street life and fast-paced fashion shoots. 

Crochet and Knitting at Yarn + Co | Fitzroy

Knitting may have once been for the grannies of the world, but now, the new generation of yarn bombers have hit the streets. Knitting is the perfect hobby to take up for those long boring nights and Yarn + Co have the best workshop to get you started on that wooly scarf, or vibrant cushion cover. Their colourful and friendly shop in Fitzroy is the perfect atmosphere to be inspired in and make some new friends.

Terrarium Workshop at Petite Green | Prahran

There's no doubt about it – terrariums have made a comeback from their 1970s heyday. These mini ecosystems are not only beautiful to look at, but enjoyable and relaxing to make. Petite Green offers workshops throughout the year – from the basic maintenance to making fern and cacti compositions, your home will benefit from this nearly learned skill.

Hip Hop Yoga at Yoga 213 | South Yarra

When you think yoga, you probably think lycra, stretching and whale noises – well Yoga 213 offers all of the yoga basics, but to the soul soothing beats of hip hop. If you like a bit of Biggie Smalls with your morning workout, this may be the best new hobby for you. Located in a beautifully bright and modern studio in South Yarra, there are classes catering to both casual and long-term students.

Vegan Cooking Class at Three Bowls | Fitzroy

Even if you aren't vegan, you probably have a friend who is. Three Bowls offers a comprehensive list of cooking classes that make being a vegan look anything but boring. Classes include learning how to make vegan work in your lifestyle with Japanese cuisine, Mexican, and how to start the day off right with a vegan breakfast. 

Whiskey Course at The Humbler Tumbler | Fitzroy

If wine isn't your thing, but whiskey has taken your fancy, The Humbler Tumbler has both masterclasses and three-week-long courses to educate you on all you need to know about this old timely spirit. Whiskey expert, Fred Siggins, will take you through everything from Scotch to Steward to ignite a new passion for a drink loved throughout the years.

Letterpress Course at Saint Gertrude Letterpress | Brunswick

It seems like the age-old art of letterpress has somewhat disappeared, getting lost amongst the high-tech world of apps and computer programs. If you want to learn the skills of letterpress for making unique greeting cards, invitations, or just for your own artful knowledge, Saint Gertrude has a brilliant course available in their stunning warehouse space in Brunswick. Founder, Amy Constable, teaches classes to both first-timers and designers looking to refine their skills.

Hula Hoop Dance Classes at Hooplovers | Brunswick

To unleash the inner-child in you busting to get out, Hooplovers has a brilliant class of hula hoop dancing. This workout is anything but easy and is a lot of fun to join up to with friends. The eight-week course will have you bikini-ready in no time and reigniting a new passion for the fun of hula hooping.

Cured Meat & Salami Making Workshops at Sausages Made Simple | North Melbourne

This thoroughly Italian workshop teaches students the art of making the perfect cured meats and salamis. Pancetta and Capocollo have rich heritages and Sara Grazia from Sausages Made Simple is willing to share all the secrets behind creating your own at home. Definitely something a little bit different to take on as your new hobby – your stomach will thank you for it. 

Image Credit: Ravelry

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