So, Melbourne Was Apparently The Coldest City In The World This Morning

By Ben Tyers
19th Jun 2018


Look, we’re well aware of how cold it gets in Melbourne, we bloody well own it. Characters from other cities are always asking how we deal with the cold, and it’s an easy answer. Puffer jackets, and mulled wine. Job done.

But Melbourne went to another level of cold this morning when it was actually the coldest city IN THE WORLD for a short time.

At 6:30am this morning Melburnians were met with a temperature of 3°C, and once the sun rose at 8:29am the mercury rocketed upwards to a whopping 4°C.

At that particular time, Melbourne was colder than icy setups around the world such as Reykjavik, Iceland (9°C), La Paz, Peru (13°C), Anchorage, Alaska (13°C), and Dublin, Ireland (14°C).

Suburbs such as Avalon, Coldstream and Laverton all registered under 2°C once the sun came up, and Ballarat, Bengido, Mildura, and Wangaratta all under 0°C. A bit brisk indeed.

While it’ll be cold all week, there’s no rain predicted until Saturday. So, do with that information what you will, you’ll find me by the fire.

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Image credit: Shaun Low

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