Melbourne’s Best Hot Dogs

By Hannah Valmadre
29th Oct 2014

Hot diggity dawg, Melbourne sure loves its wieners. Whether you're after a chilli dog, currywurst or a good old Frankfurt, we have searched high and low to bring you the best of the sausage fest. There's even good news for vegetarians in this list, as some soy sausages are available for you to get amongst. We'll try and keep the puns to a minimum from here on in; here is our list of the best hot dogs in Melbourne.

Massive Wieners


It just feels so appropriate to start this list with these guys. At Massive Wieners, you have a choice between a classic, kraut, pickle or chilli wiener, and there's also a vegie wiener available made from soy and garnished with diced white onions, tomato ketchup and American mustard. You have three sizes to pick from to suit your appetite: the Massive Wiener at 12 inches, the Average Joe at 6 inches, and the Little Pecker at 3 inches. Oh, you guys!


Melbourne CBD

Come to Hihou for a perfect whiskey or some sake, stay for a Japanese-style hot dog. Arabiki pork sausage is placed in a sesame speckled brioche bun and topped with pickled cabbage. If the standard hot dog isn't cutting it for you these days, we recommend this little beauty for something a little bit fancy.

Lucky Coq


Want some of Melbourne's best hot dogs at bargain basement prices? The Lucky Dogs at Lucky Coq are a steal at $4, and you have the choice between wagyu beef or traditional Frankfurt. The hot dogs here are divided by nations, so you can have anything from a Caliente Libre (Mexican) filled with chilli con carne mix, spring onions, diced tomato and corn chips; to a Canuck (Canadian), which adds bacon and maple syrup to your dawg.


Melbourne CBD

The hot dog of choice here is Polish Parowka, made by Rob 'The Sausage King' and cooked in a craft beer and sauerkraut broth. The imaginations of the hot dog creators at Ferdydurke have gone wild, with dog titles like the Charles Bronson and You Dirty Furke. Give the Fred Savage a go, with tequila infused chunky salsa, jalapenos, cheese and sour cream. Vegans can also get in on the hot dog action with a Hippy Frank, for an extra $2.

8 Bit


The cheap and cheerful fare here matches perfectly with the fun and vibrant atmosphere at 8 Bit. It's no surprise that a lot of items on the menu are named after video games, and you can even play some if the mood strikes you. Here they do some of Melbourne's best hot dogs in the form of smoked Franks and grilled bratwurst for $7.50 a pop. For something a bit different, give the Fatal Fury a go, with jalapeno and cheddar sausage, cheese sauce, chilli beef, and extra jalapenos for good measure. 

The Currywurst Company


For those who enjoy their hot dog sliced up in a Berlin-style currywurst, we recommend keeping tabs on this market stall. For the purist there's no need to fret, they also do bratwurst, knackwurst, cheese kransky and chorizo. The Currywurst Company stall can often be found at the likes of The Batman Markets, and the Coburg Night Market, but just keep an eye on their Facebook or website. Considering 800 million currywursts are consumed in Germany each year, we think it's high time Melbournians caught onto this street food trend.

Snag Stand

Melbourne CBD

They might be a franchise but they're certainly not overdone. Snag Stand proudly produce their 'Haute Dogs' using artisanal hand crafted sausages to cater to a variety of tastes and needs. They use lean low fat meats, all natural casings, no artificial nasties and gluten-free is available. The snags are divided by international influence, and you're unlikely to find a Greek snag – filled with lamb and rosemary sausage, fresh tomato, onion, olive salsa, crumbed feta and tzatziki on a toasted poppy seed bun – anywhere else.

Big Huey's Diner

South Melbourne

At Big Huey's Diner, they know how to do their American-style trademarks of burgers and po'boys with style, and their 'dirty dawgs' are no exception. We're going to recommend the Coney Island Chilli Dog, which contains a smokey BBQ Frank smothered in Big Tex's beef and bean chilli, melted cheese and coriander, with chilli and fresh lime crema.

Acland St Cantina

St Kilda

If you're in the mood for Mexican and a hot dog is calling your name, you should give Acland St Cantina's bacon wrapped bad boy a go. Yes, you heard us correctly, a hot dog wrapped in bacon, with chipotle aioli in a beautiful bun. Have mercy. 

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