Melbourne’s Best Milkshakes: Round 2

By Hannah Valmadre
10th Nov 2014

You asked for it and here it is: the Best Milkshakes in Melbourne: Round 2! Rest assured readers, your comments and demands did not go unnoticed from our last best milkshake round up, and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised with who made the cut. Salted caramel and Oreo are still popular favourites amongst diners and corner stores, while more complex combinations such as lamington and hot jam donut have us equal parts excited and intrigued.

Get your straws at the ready – here's our second attempt at Melbourne's best milkshakes.

Red Triangle Snooker Room


While the purpose of this venue is a pool hall, it is a widely known fact that the milkshakes at The Red Triangle are, quite simply, the business. It's old school sipping here folks; you can have your standard milkshakes, or you can go the deluxe variety, with flavours such as Snickers, Hot Jam Donut, and After Dinner Mint. Milkshakes and pool actually sounds like the perfect first date to us – feel free to test this theory out and let us know how you go, Listers.

Candied Bakery


Part Aussie bakery, part American milk bar, Candied Bakery is filled to the brim with tasty homemade treats and baked beauties, plus some of the best milkshakes in Melbourne. It's one thing to use syrups and toppings to create inventive milkshake flavours, but it's a whole new ball game when you start putting slices of baked goods into the blender. Candied Bakery have become famous for their Apple Pie Shakes, which consist of homemade apple pie, soft serve and milk. Can't. Stop. Drooling…

Stagger Lee's


If you consider yourself a bit of a badass, Stagger Lee's might be the breakfast joint of your dreams. Run by the Proud Mary folk, naturally the coffee is kick arse, but if you want to be a real Boss, get stuck into their milkshakes. The Gangsta Milkshakes are sure to make your most wanted list, in particular their Caramel Pixie. Salted caramel with chocolate chunks sounds pretty wicked to us. Wickedly AWESOME.

The B.East

Brunswick East

Ever wanted to try a Cherry Ripe in liquid form? Look no further than The B.East's Cherry Smash, comprised of smashed maraschino cherries, coconut flakes, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Come for one of Melbourne's best shakes, stay for a diner-style dinner, a live band or even Rock and Pop Culture Trivia on Tuesday nights.

Rowena Parade Corner Store


Nothing like a good old corner store to make you long for simpler times. Rowena Parade Corner Store is part milk bar, part café, part grocery store, and they do a milkshake that will send you straight back to your childhood. The Sir Lamington Milkshake is popular amongst visitors, and although we were unable to find out exactly what gets thrown into the blender, after a few sips we couldn't care less, just as long as it never runs out.

Trunk Diner

Melbourne CBD

Where there's a diner there's bound to be milkshake, and Trunk is no exception. They have a couple of excellent concoctions here; the Tim Tam Slam is excellent on a day when work is getting the better of you. We're going to recommend the Golden Gaytime shake, which has a whole ice cream bar thrown in for good measure and, as you can imagine, it's best served while soaking up some sunshine.

The Merrywell

Melbourne CBD

If you like your milkshakes thick and chunky, there's a seat at The Merrywell with your name on it. The milkshakes even come with extra large straws for those pesky bits of crushed up chocolate bars and Oreo chunks. In terms of originality, the Fluffernutter has the most interesting combination of peanut and marshmallows – and the best name. If you're feeling particularly naughty, you can also add vodka to any of their milkshakes for an extra $5. Plus they also do some of Melbourne's best burgers. 

Grigons and Orr Corner Store

North Melbourne

Grigons and Orr Corner Store is all kinds of adorable, from the cabinets filled with mixed lollies to the crochet blankets they have for customers sitting outside during the colder months. They're pretty nifty with their milkshake creations, but for a morning milkshake, we find ourselves gravitating towards the Banana Espresso with a real banana and a double shot of espresso to fire you up. Also, one of their milkshakes even contains WHIZZ FIZZ, so if your inner child gets the best of you, get here sharpish.



This café/art gallery is fast becoming a Coburg gem, and with some of Melbourne's best milkshakes, it's easy to see why. We couldn't pick a favourite here – it's a tie between the Ruby's Red Rampage (fresh raspberries, pomegranate seeds, flaked almonds and ice-cream) and the slightly more decadent Nut But Not Nut (Nutella, peanut butter and ice cream topped with chocolate sprinkles and almonds).

Shop Ramen


While you might not normally pair a milkshake with noodles, Shop Ramen is hardly your average noodle joint. The Salted Caramel and Coconut shake here is the bomb diggity, and it's hard to think what on earth you used to drink while eating ramen before this ingenious concoction. They also do a vegan mango and coconut shake for those who want to join the party.

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Main image credit: Happy as a Clam

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