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The Melbourne Underground Film Festival is Back!

By Megan Osborne
10th Sep 2014

MUFF lovers get excited! And no, that does not mean what you think it means. The 15th annual Melbourne Underground Film Festival is being held at The Backlot Studios this September. Head down during the 12th to the 19th of September to catch some world class indie, guerrilla, micro budget, underground, and avant-garde cinema. But leave your politically correct expectations at the door, please.

Making no secret that they're not afraid to push boundaries (really, with a name like that?), this years MUFF theme is no different—Evolve or Die, celebrating the evolution of the New Cinema. Featuring films and shorts sourced both locally and from overseas, in a word from Richard Wolstencroft (Festival Director), MUFF aims to 'delight, enlight, charm, and surprise the cinematically adventurous'.

Running since 2000, MUFF is an independent Melbourne film festival trying to foster a 'Second Renaissance' in Australian independent cinema. Commemorating and embracing controversy and transgressive film making, MUFF is not for the faint of heart, or the unadventurous. 

Opening night will see film-goers kick back and enjoy Chris Mitchell and Yoav Lester's 'Start Options Exit', described as 75 minutes of deliriously comedic drama. With over 50 films during the eight-day period, there's a lot to choose from. Closing night will feature the funny, sad, awkward, and shocking story of a downwardly mobile, loner ice-cream salesman in 'Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla'. Stuart Simpson (director) and Addison Heath (scriptwriter) join forces to create this confronting and innovative film, which viewers are bound to remember. Our sources tell us that the main character, Warren Thompson (Glenn Maynard) gets taken down by his cat. Ice-cream and cats? We'll save you a seat.

So whether you're a regular attendee, or you just want to up your hipster street-cred, head down to The Backlot Studios in Southbank to catch some of the best and most controversial films that Melbourne (and the world) has to offer. 

Melbourne Underground Film Festival | September 12th-19th

The Backlot Studios | 65 Haig St in Southbank

Main image credit: Cinema Nova

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