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Melbourne’s Best Cocktails To Cure A Cold

By Clare Acheson
9th May 2016


While the scientific proof that booze is a cure for the common cold may be dubious, it’s been time tested by many an ailment-sufferer and proven to at least alleviate, if not exactly cure, some of winter’s most loathsome symptoms. The blocked nose, the raspy throat, the pounding headache… they’re all a little easier to forget about after a stiff drink, am I right?

So, without further ado, here are our top alcoholic cold cures to set you up good and proper for the impending season of sniffles that is Winter. Bottoms up, folks.

#1: The Classic Hot Toddy

There are a few different ways to make this one, depending on whether you are a fan of a peaty scotch whisky (that’s the stuff that will burn any illness out of you) or a sweet bourbon (less abrasive but still boozy. Excellent!) Just add a spoonful of honey, a teaspoon of lemon juice, and a couple of shots of hot water. If you’re in need of extra medicinal powers, add a few cloves and stir. Delicious.

Where to get yours:

1806 Bar, Melbourne CBD

Siglo, Melbourne CBD

Whisky & Alement, Melbourne CBD

#2: Mulled Cider

If the whisky is a little hardcore for your ailment, mulled cider is a fantastic vitamin-filled alternative. The greatest mulled ciders are made with a splash of spiced rum, a handful of cloves and cinnamon sticks, and a spoonful of honey, gently heated in a saucepan. If you’re looking for more Vitamin C, squeeze the majority of an orange into the pan, and toss the rind in too.

Where to get yours:

Belleville, Melbourne CBD

Baxters Lot, Fitzroy

#3: Penicillin

Somewhat like a cold, extra-gingery hot toddy, a Penicillin in drinkable form is a hardy whisky cocktail that includes citrus, honey and ginger, and comes served in a traditional cocktail glass. While it’s only been around for a decade, the drink is said to cure pretty much any winter cold. We’d prescribe two if you’re looking for a sure-fire way to make sure whatever’s troubling you is definitely dead.

Where to get yours:

Cure Bar & Eatery, Carlton

1806 Bar, Melbourne CBD

Seamstress, Collingwood

#4: Fireball Old Fashioned

If a sniffle has been hanging on for dear life for the best part of a month, burn the bastard out with a Fireball Old Fashioned—a cinnamon infused twist on the whisky classic that’s best sipped while wrapped up in a blanket / your Uniqlo down jacket.

Where to get yours:

Francesca’s Bar, Northcote

#5: Hot Berry & Rum Toddy

Some might say it’s blasphemy to make a hot toddy with rum instead of whisky, but I’m a fan—especially when it’s made with dark rum, berry herbal tea and a spoonful of honey or maple syrup.

Where to get yours:

The Nelson Rum Bar, St Kilda

#6: Tom Yum Rum

Sure, a Tom Yum soup is great for chasing away a manflu or two—but why go for soup when you can get all the best germ-killing ingredients in one cocktail? Rum joins ginger, lemongrass, chili and lemon in this awesome take on south east asian flavours. 

Where to get yours:

POW Kitchen, St Kilda

#7: Mouthwash

Yep, gurgle with a strong mouthwash and the alcohol will kill of at least a few of the bugs that are giving your tonsils trouble. Just don’t swallow this one…

Where to get yours:

Coles, Woolies and any pharmacy.

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Image credit: 1806 Bar via Facebook.

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