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Melbourne’s Best Bars with Ping Pong Tables

By Ethan Jenkins
5th Jun 2015

Since the beginning of time the world has been coupling off like we were reaching the last song at a blue-light disco. There was Adam and Eve, Johnny and June, Han Solo and Chewy, chicken and avocado, Bert and Ernie, PB & J, Boyle and Peralta. Now slowly but surely Melbourne has cottoned on to a winning pair to aid your social woes… Drinking and ping pong.

Whilst one hand is near reaching sub-zero temperatures holding a frothy, the other awkwardly occupies your pocket, pretends to be ‘social’ on your phone, or almost knocks passers-by with frantic hand gestures whilst retelling a story. Born out of necessity, one can now enjoy sipping away from one hand and backhanding down the line with the other. Join us as we explore Melbourne’s best bars with ping pong tables.

Mr Wow's Emporium


If you needed more reason than a few cold bevvies coupled with ping pong to get you off the couch (which you shouldn’t), Mr Wow’s Emporium are also purveyors of fine drinks, good times, bocce. Did I also mention…free popcorn!

Francesca's Bar


Nestled amongst the booths and bar stools you’ll find Francesca’s ping pong table. You also won’t have to look very hard to find the Northcote bar’s extensive wine list, or rear courtyard in this increasingly popular northside watering hole. 

Edinburgh Castle


More iconic to Brunswick than a fixie-wielding hipster and his French bulldog, The Edinburgh Castle is a welcoming watering hole you can bring all the family. On the first Thursday of every month a ping pong comp is held; the competition is fierce and the beers are cold. 

The Fox


What does the fox say? Ping-pong-ping-pong-ping-pong. Perhaps not, however Collingwood pub The Fox invites you for a game of ping pong, and coaxes you to stay with its rooftop deck, live music, and satiating drinks list. Come with friends, leave with a bitter score to settle for next time!

Foresters Beer Hall


Take a step back in time to the 1920s at Forester's Beer Hall. With over 32 craft beers to choose from on tap, kick back to the live tunes of Melbourne’s rockabilly, blues and funk scene. If you’re feeling peckish, pizza is on the cards, if you have over-eaten, work it off with some ping pong; it’s simple maths people! 

Grub Hole 


Although it sports more of a relaxed dining atmosphere with a touch of at-homeness, The Grub Hole at The Grub Food Van still ticks the boxes of a beer in one hand and a paddle in in the other for some ping pong action. Come for the pong, stay for the grub.

Know any other great Melbourne bars with ping pong? Email us your suggestions. 

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