Melbourne’s Best Corn on the Cob

By Hannah Valmadre
5th Dec 2014

Sweet, juicy and cheap, corn on the cob is an excellent entrée option. Yes, you run the risk of spraying corn juice all over your partner (remember that McCains add?) but at the end of the day, do you really care?

Of course this list is filled with Melbourne’s best Mexican restaurants, and thankfully they all have their own take on how to dress up the humble corn on the cob. Whether you like yours served with queso, chilli salt, chipotle mayo, or a good old fashioned lime wedge, here’s where to find Melbourne’s best corn on the cob.

Touché Hombre

Melbourne CBD

It’s always a Mexican fiesta at Touché Hombre with their neon lights, video games and resident DJs. Touché Hombre’s corn is so great, it’s the first item listed on their menu. Their street corn is charred with lime, tangy pecorino cheese and mayo. An excellent balance between sweet and tangy. Well done, hombres. Well done!


Melbourne CBD

When we first decided to compile this list, our mind soon strayed to Mamasita and their awesome appetiser. The Elote Callejero is the perfect way to start off a Mexican feast, with ‘Streetstyle’ chargrilled corn, queso, chipotle mayo and lime. If you want to round out your corn-eating experience, there’s Helado de maiz on the desert menu, which includes sweet corn, ice cream, salted caramel and popcorn.

The Black Toro

Glen Waverley

Latin American fare reworked for an Australian palate certainly has us intrigued, and if the only way to learn is to dive head first into a delicious pile of Hispanic food at the The Black Toro, then so be it. A popular ‘Poco Plate’ here is the grilled corn on the cob with chipotle mayo and toasted masa – a type of corn flour. So nice you get two pieces with every serve.

Fonda Mexican

Melbourne CBD, Windsor, Richmond and Hawthorn

Fun Fact: a Fonda in Mexico is a local house with an open kitchen, often the place to find home-cooked goodness with local produce. At this Fonda, you’ll find some of Melbourne’s best corn on the cob, chargrilled with chipotle aioli, queso and fresh lime. And in even better news, there are three Fondas located throughout Melbourne; get your fix in Richmond, Windsor or Flinders Lane in the CBD.

Chuckle Park

Melbourne CBD

From the party starters who brought you New Guernica comes a delightful little laneway hideaway in the city, complete with Astroturf and adorable lanterns. Chuckle Park is a quaint little place for an afternoon alcoholic beverage as well as some Spanish-infused snacking. Try the Elote, a whole piece of corn grilled and slathered with their famous Chuckle Sauce, finished with parmesan and coriander. 

Radio Mexico

St Kilda

It’s fresh, fun and filled with tacos; welcome to Radio Mexico. For the Mexican food purists amongst us, just about everything here is prepared from scratch, and they only serve 100% agave tequila. But back to the corn. Radio Mexico’s corn on the cob is chargrilled street-food style, and comes with mayo, cheese, chilli salt and lime. 

Acland St Cantina

St Kilda

Acland St Cantina bar has an extremely impressive drinks menu that you’re going to need some Bocaditos just to get through reading. Here, the BBQ corn on the cob comes with jalapeno crema, which gives a nice little kick. At $3.50, we reckon they’re the cheapest corn on the cob in Melbourne, so if you’re keen to munch on some maize for cheap, this is where you need to go.



Ok, we feel a little bit naughty including the Elote en Vaso from Chingon because, technically, it’s not served on the cob. However, Chingon are amazing, the corn is prepared in such a similar way, and it’s THAT good that it felt too rude to leave them out. The fire-roasted corn off the cob is served with fresh lime, chipotle crema, queso, and you can add chicken to the mix for an additional $3.

Read more about Melbourne’s best Mexican restaurants here. 

Main image credit: The Seaside Baker

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