Melbourne’s Best Dessert Pancakes

By Ellen Seah
27th Sep 2016


Melbourne is all for embracing brunch for dinner, and dessert for breakfast. While some survive on caffeine and others tootle through life on real food, if you’re anything like my sugar-crazed self – you’ll think Melbourne’s best dessert pancakes are a pretty sweet start to any morning.

Wagon Wheel Hotcake at Mammoth 


Springing into spring, Mammoth’s new menu includes an Urban List-approved Wagon Wheel Hotcake with strawberry marshmallow sandwiched between fluffy chocolate fondant hotcakes. These hotcakes are then topped with a scoop of coconut gelato any kid would give the tick of approval.

Sticky Date Pancakes at Darling Café

South Yarra            

The darling of pancakes, Darling Café’s sticky date pancakes are served with thick butterscotch ice-cream, sticky palm sugar caramel, heaping’s of malted crumble and season fruits – because life is all about balance.

Hokey Pokey Hotcakes at Legacy Café


Honeycomb, orange, ricotta, vanilla bean crème fraiche, pomegranates and strawberries combine together to make Legacy Café’s Hokey Pokey hotcakes what it’s all about. Put your right foot into their Camberwell home and order yourself a serve.

Tim Tam Pancakes at Long Story Short

Port Melbourne

Have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a little help from Long Story Short. Serving buttermilk Tim Tam pancakes swimming in luscious, Willy Wonka-like chocolate soup, they’re also topped with Tim Tam gelato. This decadent breakfast comes with poached nashis, vanilla peanuts, mascarpone and crispies.

Black Forest Pancakes at Next Of Kin


Picture this: two buttery, airy pancakes stacked with cherry curd, sour cherries, berries, whipped cream, dark chocolate crumble, CoYo chocolate ice cream and shaved chocolate. Next Of Kin’s brunch creation comes very (very) close to beating the original black forest cake.

Nutella Ricotta Hotcakes at 5 Lire

North Melbourne

Willy Wonka would approve of 5 Lire’s ricotta hotcakes. Sitting pretty on a thick smear Nutella, these hotcakes are topped with Nutella-inspired semifreddo, chocolate fairy floss and coated in The Wild chocolate cacao and orange crumble. They’re all we need in life.

Nutella, Banana & Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes at Pillar of Salt


Pillar of Salt’s buttermilk pancake stack is a pillar of happiness. With a trio of light, fluffy pancakes stacked with housemade nutella, pure Canadian maple syrup, unsweetened cacao nibs, buttery salted micro popcorn and loads of fresh banana and blueberries – this is an ambitious meal for one. Trust us.

Pandan Pancakes at District North

Moonee Ponds

At District North, they’re doing brunch a little differently. Take their Hulk-green pandan pancakes with kaya mascarpone, mango, charred pineapple and sesame merguine. Refreshingly mild in sweetness, these tropical, Asian-inspired pancakes must be on any pancake connoisseur’s hit list.

Red Velvet Pancakes at Axil Coffee Roasters  


A more fun, buttery version of a chocolate cake – there’s nothing to dislike about red velvet cake. The genius team at Axil Coffee Roasters have taken the best bits of dessert and serve it as breakfast. The red velvet pancakes are served with raspberries, cream cheese ganache, chocolate brownie soil and is topped with black sesame ice cream.

Tiramasu Pancakes at SOS Café  

South Yarra

Gluten and dairy free, this is one to tag for any intolerant foodie. SOS Café serves their gluten free pancakes in layers with cashew cream, banana, pistachio, cacao nibs, espresso ice cream and hot maple syrup ristretto. Why we haven’t combined maple syrup and coffee before is beyond me.

Want more dessert for breakfast? We've got an article for that.

Image credit: Axil Coffee Roasters 

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