50 More Dishes You Should’ve Eaten By Now If You Live In Melbourne

By James Shackell
15th Nov 2017


Given that Melburnian's are absolutely insatiable, it can be hard to for restaurants to keep up with our ever-growing hunger. Back in September we tracked down 60 Melbourne dishes that you absolutely should've eaten by now, but that just wasn't enough, so here we are yet again.

Below you'll find 50 more Melbourne dishes that you absolutely must've eaten if you live here, or if you're visiting you can have a red hot crack to work through the list.

Get stuck in. 

  1. The roast beef, French fry and Béarnaise baguette from Stables of Como.
  2. Belleville’s new deep-fried chicken with Gochujang butter glaze.
  3. A Big Popper monstrosity from the guys at Rude Boy Burgers.
  4. The All American grilled cheese toastie from Maker & Monger.  
  5. An epic bacon & egg sanga from Egglab on Smith St.
  6. A slice of Dunning Kruger’s silky smooth lime and maple custard pie.
  7. The Imperial spring rolls from Paper Plate (aka the greatest of all time).
  8. Crème Brûlée French Toast from Elwood’s new Girl Called Jayne
  9. Resto Bobo’s scrumptious French pizza (yep, really).
  10. The ‘nduja octopus from CBD hotspot Osteria Ilaria.
  11. Bar Carolina's epic new tiramisu (white chocolate orb—that’s all we’re saying).
  12. A classic New York lobster roll from Unabara in Emporium.
  13. Definitely 100% the deep fried ice-cream from Annam in the CBD *drool*
  14. The concrete cocktails at Chiquito & Co (we guess it’s technically food, right?)
  15. A Cluck Off chicken burger from Shannon Bennett’s Benny Burger. NOM.
  16. A veggo-friendly toasty? Try the broad bean, pea and manchego from Wild Life Bakery.
  17. The Kimchi fries with gochujang mayo (with a side of eSports) at GGEZ.
  18. A double helping of the seafood paella from La Bodega Des Andres.
  19. Sounds weird, but you gotta try the Spam chips from Concrete Boots. Just trust us.
  20. A late-night plate of crispy karaage from 24/7 Butcher’s Diner in the CBD.
  21. The drool-worthy Crab Benny from Butler’s Den in Elwood. 
  22. Order two plates of this one. Rock Sugar’s famous Massaman Curry Spring Rolls.
  23. Oreo-topped Greek doughnuts from Lukumades near Queen Vic Market.
  24. And while we’re at Queen Vic, definitely a bag of American Doughnut Kitchen’s hot jam doughnuts.
  25. The Bont pizza from Brunswick St’s Bontempo.
  26. Tuck into beef cheek and rosemary hash at Northcote STN.
  27. A big bowl of ramen from Shinjuku ramen in the CBD.
  28. A Hemingway sanga from Captain’s of Industry. Get your hair clipped while you wait.
  29. The fried chicken katsu burger from Dennis The Menace in Cremorne.
  30. Hit up Don Don in the CBD for the best bowl of chicken curry you’ll ever have in your life.
  31. Ooh, and if you like curry, you HAVE to try the one from Purple Peanut.
  32. Fried chicken banh mi from Pho Nom. Game, set and match.
  33. Le Roast Beef baguette from French Fix. Best $10 you’ll ever spend.
  34. Tim Ho Wan’s Michelin Starred BBQ pork rolls. Om nom nom nom.
  35. Double dip, Belleville. You’ve got to try their pork and XO fried rice.
  36. The mac n’ cheese pie from Murray’s Food Store. Grab a Reuben Pie too, while you’re there.
  37. A crusty banh mi from Nhu Lan in Footscray.
  38. Actually sign us up for a banh mi from Sunny’s Bakery on Smith St as well.
  39. The uni with roast cauliflower foam and truffles from Kisume.
  40. A fully-stuffed gyros from Stalactites. Actually, make that a double.
  41. The gravlax smørrebrød open sandwich from Denmark House in the CBD.
  42. Altair’s famous Doenjang roasted quail, served with popping green ants.
  43. In-N-Out style burgers from California Burgers (go the ‘L.A.X’)
  44. A late-night HSP with the works from Kebab Station in Coburg North.
  45. Then head across the road for beef back ribs from Bluestone BBQ.
  46. Pulled pork Al Pastor tacos from South Of The Wall in Cremorne.
  47. O’Connell’s crazy Sloe gin salmon gravlax with cucumber foam.
  48. A late night three-cheese omelette (with a glass of whisky) at The Mayfair.
  49. Cucinetta’s unstoppable Cacio e Pepe pasta cheese wheel.
  50. The blueberry crumpets with mascarpone from Lillie Espresso in Prahran.

Miss the first 60? Check them all out here.

Image credit: Stables Of Como | Jenna Fahey-White

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