Melbourne’s Best Halloumi Everything

By Peter Tzimos
1st Dec 2016

melbournes best halloumi everything

So we recently wrote about the best saganaki around town, and that got us thinking: why just focus on the beauty that is fried cheese? Why don’t we extend the gracious invitation to all things halloumi? In a burger, with eggs, battered and deep-fried—the possibilities are endless, all thanks to the squeaky cheese we call a good friend.

Here are the best halloumi dishes you can find in Melbourne.

Pea And Halloumi Fritters | Sardi


Sardi Café has been dishing out these bad boys for a while, but we’ve never really had the chance to give them a share of the spotlight. Lightly fried and served with a choice of blistered tomatoes and crispy bacon, or avocado salsa and smoked salmon, these fritters make a hard brunch decision so much easier.

Mushroom And Halloumi Burger | Arbory Bar & Eatery

Melbourne CBD

Although Arbory is famed for its huge bar and riverside nibbles, their sandwiches and burgers deserve a massive shout-out as well. Crispy crumbed mushroom and stringy halloumi make the patty for this variation on a classic burger. Topped with tomato relish and plated alongside crinkle-cut chips, you’ll never want to go back to the traditional cheeseburger again (well, maybe not never)

Halloumi And Beetroot | Ziggy’s Eatery


Another burger to make the list, this one from Ziggy’s skips the mushroom for a massive slab of greasy goodness. Paired with hearty slices of beetroot, as well as your usual lettuce, tomato, and onion, this burger can definitely hold its own against its meaty counterparts.

Halloumi Big Breaky | The Quarter


Nestled into infamous Degraves street, don’t be put off by this venue’s touristy location before you try their halloumi breakfast. Grilled slices of Cypriot halloumi cheese are matched with sheftalies (Cypriot sausages), poached eggs, Swiss brown mushrooms, hash browns and toasted sourdough. Be brave and venture into the bustle of the inner city, because this is worth it.

HLAT | Jellystone


That stands for halloumi, lettuce, avocado and tomato—the making of one of the most magnificent vegetarian sandwiches you can get. Its ingredients are simple, yet undoubtedly delicious. Jellystone keeps things local by serving it up on a fresh Turkish roll from Alasya—which is only a stone’s throw away down Sydney Road.

Fried Halloumi | Polepole

Melbourne CBD

Modern African fare is the star at sleek CBD venue, Polepole. The team has constantly impressed us with their sticky ribs, luxe cocktails, and exotic flavours, but now there’s one more thing to add to the list—and it comes in the form of cheese. Fried halloumi is married to whipped Moroccan tea honey and sesame for a flavour combination that will knock your socks off.

Halloumi For Brunch | Bowery To Williamsburg


If you’re someone that is always craving cheese, then this halloumi dish should satisfy you at least until the afternoon. One of the best American diner/deli combos you can find, Bowery to Williamsburg also offers their own take on a healthy, vegetarian breakfast. Poached eggs, salsa verde, and a tomato and basil salad are all topped off with delicious fried halloumi for a great start to your day.

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Image Credit: Simon Shiff (Arbory Bar & Eatery)

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