Where To Find Melbourne’s Best Independent Jewellery

By Tayla Rabie
13th Apr 2018


You know what they say—an outfit isn't complete without accessories. Australian artists have all our quirky, classic and bold accessory desires covered, with jewellery spilling out from all corners of our creative country. 

Keep your outfits on fleek with help from some of Melbourne's best jewellery brands. 

The Line Of Sun

Alice Tsakirakis’ hobby of jewellery making began as a break from her everyday life as a Graphic Designer. She turned this passion into a business reality, launching The Line Of Sun jewellery brand. Her focus is on the beauty found in the imperfections of stone setting, hoping to create unique pieces of jewellery that can be passed down through generations. Her simple statement designs would flatter any face type.


Inspired by a love for pop-culture and souvenir collecting, Georgia Perry has designed artful and unusual jewellery to add life to everyday moments. Kiosk is her design baby. Products range from charm necklaces to tassel earrings adorned with crystals to linear statement earrings. Perfect for the quirky at heart. You can pick up some sweet homewares here too. 

Elise Newman

This contemporary designer draws on worldly influences her around her to create gorgeous pieces of unique, hand-crafted jewellery. Elise manipulates colour, shape and adds a cheeky playfulness to all her pieces to bring out the lustre in gold and silver. Available for purchase from Arbor Brunswick. Defs worth the splurge.


Designed by Melbourne-based graphic designer Refiloe Khoban, comes an African-inspired accessories brand, Ovazania. They blend traditional and modern African aesthetics to create exceptional and unique jewellery pieces. Each piece is handmade, and built for happiness. Their bright and bold pieces are perfect for a night out, or just for everyday adornment.


This playful and bold brand by Jessica Maree is designed in Brunswick using locally produced and ethical products. Always a good sign. Kitsu jewellery revels in the quirk-factor, creating pieces that are aesthetically different and distinctive. Our favourite is the Twizzler Earrings in baby pink–they legit look like twizzlers and we low-key want to eat them.

Northside Southside

Attention all earrings lovers who haven’t yet taken the plunge to get those lovely lobes pierced—this brand is for you. Andrea Povey’s brand, Northside Southside allows you to clip their gorgeous lightweight laser-cut acrylic earrings on, so you can enjoy the beauty without the pain.


Inspired by two friend’s love of both nature and travel, comes a jewellery brand that intends to eternalise summer. Hanti's necklaces, chokers, sunglasses and men’s bracelets are made individually out of semi-precious stones and gems, meaning no two pieces are the same. The girls behind the brand aim to string nature's treasures together. Coachella, come at us.

Corky Saint Clair

Jewellery masterminds Christopher Bril and Eva Reiser have created a quirky brand that is always, ALWAYS pretty. Corky Saint Clair has a bit of passion for raw, roughly cut stones including, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Their store is one of the best-kept secrets in Melbourne, in an underground arcade in the CBD. Bring a compass.

Lucy Folk

One Seriously talented jewellery designer, Lucy Folk has been flying the Aussie flag on the international stage, making waves in the fashion and accessories scene overseas. Lucy works with a huge range of materials to produce some beautiful, interesting and downright wacky pieces. She often crochets metallic materials to create clustered, knitted looks that are accompanied by glass, metal or pearls. Mix and match to suit your outfit. 


Everyone needs a good pin, and these are definitely some of the good-est (grammar is overrated). Girl about town Sofia Levin has got a side hustle going: button-cute puppy pins whose profits go to Lort Smith animal hospital. They're called Pinstapals. Perfect for your tote, collar, annoying sibling etc. 

Emily Green

The queen of polymer clay jewellery, Emily Green has embraced colour like no other. Starting out with her still-popular nine bead necklace, Emily has now expanded her range into a seemingly infinite number of bead combinations and earrings, which are all entirely handcrafted. In addition to her growing range of retail products, Emily also regularly exhibits artworks and holds creative workshops on colour and design.


Emily Dornbusch made herself a necklace that received so much praise from friends and family that a funky jewellery business, Emeldo, was born. Emily is based in Torquay on Victoria’s surf coast and does all of the designing, production and distribution of Emeldo pieces herself. Emily works with cotton ford, brightly coloured thread, tassels and some metallics to create easy to wear jewellery that’s, light, bright and fun. 


If you're heading down on Gilbert Road in Preston, it's pretty easy to find Pinky's - think pastel pink (hence the name) wonderland full of independant artists to showcase their work and boutique gifts. If you're looking for that gift for someone that has just about everything - pick up some bold earrings, carefully constructed homewares, zany mugs and all things pastel. You've really stumbled across the right place. 

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