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Melbourne’s Best Mocktails

By Sophie Colvin
7th Jul 2015

You’ve jumped on the Dry July Bandwagon and you’ve dragged yourself through the first dry weekend of the month (and probably your first in a while). The rest of the month is looking pretty boring, amirite? Fear not, Listers—we’ve rounded up Melbourne’s best mocktails for you to console yourself with! Whether your whole wolf pack has committed to going booze-free for the month or you’re a lone ranger on this one, these Melbourne bars and restaurants will keep the whole gang happy.

Red Spice Road

Melbourne CBD

Red Spice Road has a short but extremely appealing mocktail list. They’re all $9.50, so need to discriminate. Good luck choosing between the four options!

Lychee passion: Passionfruit, Lemon, Kaffir Lime, Lychee Juice
Clementine: Mandarin, Apple, Mint, Lime, topped with Soda
Kung-foo Kiwi: Kiwifruit, Coconut, Apple
Viet Iced Café: Vietnamese Coffee, Condensed Milk, Crème Caramel Ice Cream, Milk

Cutler & Co


Cutler & Co are routinely known for their delicious food, but the mocktail list is pretty darn impressive too. It’s one of the longer Melbourne mocktail lists, and there’s a definite lean towards fresh, fruity and cleaner flavours. Prices range from $7.50 - $8.50 a pop. The Frenchman is our pick here, but we’re suckers for anything with elderflower in it.

Sanbittèr: Italian bitters, sugar and orange
Sweet Iron Goddess: Oolong tea, shiso and panela
Frenchman: Elderflower, apple, cucumber and soda
Mexico Way: Grapefruit, almond, verjus and sorrel
Faux Pinot: Wang lao ji herbal tea and spiced cranberry
Dame Nellie: Peach raspberry and grapefruit

Bomba Bar

Melbourne CBD

One of our favourite Melbourne bars, Bomba is also doing its bit to make your July nights fun and flavoursome. They’re offering up three different fruity mocktails—all are $8.

Fauxjito: Lime, apple juice, elderflower, mint, soda, cucumber
Rhubarb Cup: Rhubarb shrub, mint, lime, ginger beer
Scratch perry: Pineapple & grapefruit juice, orgeat, lime, ginger ale  

Magic Mountain Saloon

Melbourne CBD

There’s something for everyone on Magic Mountain Saloon’s mocktail list. It’s extensive, delicious, and they’re all very reasonably priced at $6 each.

Tom Thumb: Pistachio syrup, plumb puree, lemon juice and soda
Colachai: Chai syrup and cinnamon syrup, topped with cola
Garden state: Cucumber syrup and lime juice, topped with lemonade
Bambino Aperitivo: Bitters Syrup, orange juice and tonic with rosemary
Trendy Slacks: Chrysanthemum syrup and lemon juice topped with coconut water
Cuban Creaming Soda: Vanilla cream syrup, lime juice, soda and fresh mint

Captain Baxter

St Kilda

Captain Baxter, sitting above the St Kilda Sea Baths, has a lengthy list of tasty treats on offer, all for $7.50. Mocktails with a view. Yes please!

Berry Cooler: Raspberry, OJ and apple with a little lemon & sugar
Pineapple Spice: Pineapple juice, apple juice, spiced syrup & lime
Orange Punch: Blood orange juice, orange juice, mint & orange bitters, all topped up with lemonade
Frosty Fruit: Passionfruit, orange and a hint of vanilla
Raspberry Crush: Raspberry puree & cranberry juice, a dash of sugar and a touch of rhubarb bitters
Nojito: Just like a classic mojito, only substitute the rum with fresh cloudy apple juice

Not doing Dry July, but still after a killer cocktail? Head to one of Melbourne’s best bars!

Image credit: Marianne Wren

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