Melbourne’s Best Nutella Everything

By Ellen Seah
6th Apr 2017

nutella everything melbourne

Sometimes a silver tablespoon, half-solidified jar of Nutella and your raging self-hate just won’t scratch that dirty chocolate itch. Luckily for you, Melbourne is nut very chill when it comes to anything (and everything) containing, coated or crammed with Nutella.

Here are the one thousand and one ways you can eat Nutella in Melbourne.

#1 Deep-Fried Nutella Balls

Our fishy friends at D’Lish Fish are dishing out pillow-soft Nutella Balls, coated in crispy batter and fried until warm. They’re served in pairs, because you’ll need two, not because they’re for sharing. Just to be clear.

#2 Limited Edition Nutella Brioche Hot Cross Buns

If you haven’t gotten your hustle down to the pride and joy of Murrumbeena, now’s your opportunity to discover this little oasis. Oasis Bakery is baking up a nutty storm with their Nutella Brioche Hot Cross Buns. Get in well before Easter, because if Melbourne’s past behaviour around chocolate is any indication—these won’t last very long (at all).

#3 Nutella Burgers

Foodies can relate to pop-up dessert bar and food truck Nuts About Tella on a spiritual level. A business dedicated to championing Nutella (if you hadn’t guessed), the team sell their Insta-famous “Leaning Tella of Pisa”—a quadruple whammy of warmed doughnut buns and oozy Nutella sprinkled with icing sugar.

#4 Nutella Gyoza  

No wonder we caused a nation-wide Nutella shortage—what kind of sugar-fuelled adult-children stuff deep-fried gyozas with Nutella?! Get them at Peko Peko.

#5 Nutella Toasties

Which by the way, are a way better start to the day than your boring green smoothie (we’re #foodie nutritionists). Cheese & Bread, which by the way, is a DRIVE through container café, sells a Nutella, house blend cheese and icing spinkle toastie. The only thing better than cheese toasties are cheese toasties with Nutella which you can eat one-handed in your car. 

#6 Nutella Pizza

It’s the perfect, puffy, crusted base to maximise the amount of sugary, chocolatey spread you can fit into your mouth per bite. Quietly hidden off Chapel Street, Eat’aliano’s traditional Nutella pizza topped with sliced bananas is a must for sweet-tooths, while +39 Pizzeria’s thickly laden Sweet Pizza is a combination of Nutella, strawberries and vanilla ice-cream. Choose between the mini or maxi (you know which one we’re getting).

#7 Nutella Doughnuts, Cruffins and Scrolls

The classic chocolate-stuffed buttery pastry—Nutella doughnuts are spread far and wide across Melbourne. Hit up +39 Pizzeria for a sneaky cheeky breakfast doughnut, or head into one of Doughnut Time’s neon-glowing hole-in-the-wall stores for a selection. Agathé Pâtisserie make a mean Nutella cruffin, or if you prefer your 3pm treat in scroll form, Eat A Scroll make a perfect Nutella custard.

#8 Nutella Ice Cream And Gelato…TOPPED WITH NUTELLA

Oh lordy we are blessed. From Zero Gradi (that’s the ice-creamy offspring to 400 Gradi) to Pidapipo, you’ll be hard pressed to find an ice-creamery or gelataria not selling the chocolate dessert. Although, these particular two venues are also home to Nutella taps.

#9 Nutella Crepes And Waffles

Myrtles Crepes & Coffee? Rue de Creperie? Waffle On? Grand Trailer Park Taverna? You’ll go nutty choosing just one.

#10 Nutella Freakshakes WITH Nutella Doughnuts

The big brother of the humble Nutella doughnut, these calorific Nutella freakshakes come with a casual topping of…doughnuts. Do-nut ask. Muharam Café serve up their famous Nut-tellin’ doughnut shake, while Johnny Pumps’ Nutella Fudgey Brownie dessert shakes comes topped with a homemade, warm brownie and whip #donewithfitspo

Fancy peanut butter instead? Well, we've got you covered here.

Image credit: D'Lish Fish | Griffin Simm

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