Melbourne’s Best Nutella Pizzas

By Ellen Seah
22nd Aug 2016


Armed with a trusty silver (table)spoon, I like eating Nutella out of the jar as much as the next person. If I’m feeling particularly pathetic, the spoon is optional. But at some point in your life, you realise that you have to at least pretend like you’re trying to adult.

So next time the Nutella craving hits, here are the best places to order a chewy, chocolate-coated pizza. Naturally, the pizza base’s sole purpose in life is to withstand the weight of as much Nutella as possible.

Eat’aliano by Pino


One of Melbourne’s most underrated Italian restaurants, Eat’aliano by Pino makes their pizza bases impeccably thin with an addictively buttery, chewy crust. Their Pizza Nutella boasts a heavenly Nutella to pizza base to banana ratio, that is, mostly Nutella with a smidgen of banana and deliciously fresh pizza. Brace yourselves for the afternoon sugar high.


South Yarra, Docklands, CBD

Offering two Nutella-coated pizzas at their three sleek locations, prepare for Sophie’s Choice pizza style at A25. The Black Forest with Nutella, blackberries, cherries, Oreo crumble, vanilla bean ice cream and a raspberry injection is the foolproof choice, or take the road less travelled and order the Strawberry Delight with Nutella, strawberries, vanilla bean ice cream, coconut snow and mint!

+39 Pizzeria

Toorak, CBD

You’ve just chowed your way through an alarming amount of pizza, pasta and/or red wine and haven’t left enough room for dessert. Luckily, +39 Pizzeria has anticipated this first-world foodie problem, offering their Nutella pizza with strawberries and vanilla ice cream in both mini and maxi sizes. Or, rev up your dessert stomach like the soldier you are and max out on a maxi Nutella pizza. 

DOC Pizza

Albert Park, Carlton, Mornington

Before the purists cry bloody murder, yes it’s a calzone and yes, it’s technically not a pizza. But when DOC Pizza’s Nutella Calzoncino hits the table, plump full of Nutella and golden on the outside, we doubt you’re going to be concerned about the intricacies of Italian cuisine.



Devilishly doused with ice cream, fresh strawberries, icing sugar and a quantity of Nutella that would probably give a health food addict a heart attack, Tiamo’s Nutella pizza is a non-negotiable post-dinner addition to any table. They cut their pizzas into quarters because you’re obviously not going to need smaller portions.

Happy Camper Pizza


Double down on chocolate with Happy Camper Pizza’s Nutella pizza. Topped with M&Ms, and icing sugar, there’s no point doing things half-heartedly in this world.

Moors Head


Considering the sweet section of the menu is labelled “inauthentic sweet pies”, prepare yourself for the least traditional, delicious fatayer ever. This calzone-like, folded Nutella creation comes with a side of Amarena ice cream, just to top things off.

St Domenico


The Bomba Nutella is a bomb full of happiness. St Domenico perfectly risen, lightly charred base is slathered with warm Nutella and topped with fresh banana, strawberries and ice cream. Personally, we recommend having dessert before breakfast.

Baby Pizza


Baby, how we love you. Putting a contemporary spin on the classic Nutella pizza, Baby Pizza stuffs their Calzone Dolce (double the pizza base per bite so we’re not complaining) with oozy Nutella, creamy burrata and cinnamon sugar. Trust us, this one is worth the calories.


South Yarra

A pizza-ful classic, Pinocchio’s Pizza Dolce gives you three Nutella-laden options. From fresh strawberries and cream to crushed nuts with vanilla ice-cream, you’ll almost certainly be lying about who ate the last piece at Pinocchio.

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Image credit: via Nosh On It

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