Melbourne’s Best Smoothies

By Hannah Valmadre
8th Dec 2014

Are you hungry? Thirsty? Need to cool down? On the go? Thankfully, smoothies are just the ticket to solve all of these problems, all at once. We’ve done super healthy Superfood Smoothies, and we’ve done the slightly less-healthy Best Milkshakes round ups; this list of Melbourne’s best smoothies is going to sit somewhere between the naughty and nice lines to please all smoothie drinkers out there. 

The Cherry Ripe Super Smoothie...Milkman Espresso


Hawthorn’s latest darling does things very simply, but undeniably well, dishing up one of the best smoothies in town. While the smoothie’s name may suggest a bit of naughtiness, it is filled with nothing but good things. Think cherries, banana, coconut water, chocolate, chia seeds and cacao nibs. Milkman Espresso will sadly only be open at this location for a short six months, but owners Kim Stephen and Kirsty Lawler will hopefully move to a more permanent location shortly after. Stay tuned.

The Channing Tatum...Il Fornaio

St Kilda

That’s right ladies and gents, now you can purchase yourself a nice tall glass of Channing Tatum at St Kilda’s Brunchery and Panetteria, Il Fornaio. This smoothie helps with high energy, increases metabolism, and is rich in Vitamin E. The Channing Tatum contains chocolate almond milk, organic peanut butter, apricot, psyllium husk, maca, flaxseed, walnuts, banana… and abs for days. The good people at Nutrition Darling have come up with an excellent list of smoothie options for Il Fornaio, and they’re a great accompaniment to their probiotic pancakes. If you prefer something with more berries in it, give the Jennifer Lawrence a go.

Cafe Kiss...Home Juice


While the focus at Home Juice is typically their organic, cold pressed juices, they do lots of other things here very right as well. We love a banana smoothie for breakfast, but most of the time we’re not willing to trade our morning coffee for it. So why not have the best of both worlds? The Café Kiss from Home Juice contains almond milk, cold drip espresso, banana, date, cinnamon and ice. For a little extra kick, they suggest a booster of protein, coconut oil or cacao. This particular concoction is said to lift your energy, vitality, and your libido. Damn, that’s one sexy smoothie.

Nutter Shake at The Nutrition Bar

Windsor, Richmond and Melbourne CBD

The Nutrition Bar are extremely well known for their green smoothies and pressed juices, and deservedly so; however for an after gym re-energise we look to their protein shakes. We’re in favour of their Nutter shake, consisting of chocolate almond milk, banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder and ice. Pair that with an acai bowl for breakfast, filled with frozen acai, and topped with bananas, blueberries, or whatever the heck you like. You can be healthy and still have plenty of choices, you know.

Be Passionate...Heal.Thy Self Co.


If you want to be good to your body, we suggest you make a beeline towards Heal.Thy Self Co. in Yarraville, where it’s all about nourishing yourself, sustainable practise and local fair trade produce. Here you’ll find some of Melbourne’s best smoothies, made fresh with the highest quality superfoods available. If you’re looking to put a bit of zing in your day, you can’t go past the tangy and tropical Be Passionate smoothie. This little number is filled with passionfruit, mango, orange juice, raw vanilla fermented protein powder, and filtered water. 

Apple Crumble Smoochi...Yo-Chi

Hawthorn, Balaclava, Carlton and Yarraville

It wasn’t enough for Yo-Chi to be the lords of frozen yoghurt, they had to go up the ante and make some delicious smoothies as well. Otherwise known as ‘Smoochis’, Yo-Chi have created an excellent range of healthy smoothies, with vegan options available as well. The Apple Crumble Smoochi is the closest thing we can find to a blended breakfast, and boy are we excited. Stewed apple is combined with bran, walnuts, crumble, coconut water and Yo-Chi coconut yogurt. Now that’s a great way to start the day.

Greenie Plus...Combi


While there are plenty of places around Melbourne that are doing seriously good green smoothies, we’ve decided to feature Combi, as their Greenie Plus is sure to give you the nutrient boost to get you through the working week. Combi throws together kale, spinach, cucumber, banana, probiotic powder, brazil nuts, dates, spirulina, raw fermented protein powder and coconut water. Their smoothies include scoops of fresh coconut flesh, housemade nut mylks and superfoods that pack a punch; drink one of these and you can take on anything.

Berry Smoothie...Oscar Cooper


Oscar Cooper is an excellent coffee spot on Greville Street, with a focus on local produce, and a damn good berry smoothie. It’s got all your old mates in there, including blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, snozberry (jokes on the last one). They also throw jam in there, which is a nice way to add sweetness without straying too far from the natural berry goodness, as well as sorbet and almond milk. Dairy free and berry delicious, it’s one of our favourite berry smoothies in Melbourne. 



Paleo people, this one’s for you. Palate’s Chocochia is filled with banana, coconut cream, raw almond, cacao butter and chia seeds, making it filling and paleo-friendly. The menu is a combination of paleo and not-so-paleo cuisine, so it can accommodate all tastes. We say while you’re there, you might as well do as the cavemen did, although if any prehistoric dudes ate this well, we’ll eat our hat.

The Acai Cup Blend...Blend Co.


Set up in the Richmond/Cremorne area, the Blend Co. Van is a great place to drop by for a smoothie on the go. Blend Co. originally started as a juice and smoothie van at festivals, providing party-goers with a healthy option to keep them going for longer. Acai bowls have been an unstoppable breakfast trend this year, and this Acai Cup Blend is excellent if you want all of that goodness, fast. Acai berries and combined with blueberries, dates, coconut water, banana and various toppings.

Image Credit: My Luxe Finds

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