This Melbourne Ice-Creamery Is Now Serving Gold Leaf Soft Serve

By James Shackell
23rd Sep 2018


The guys from Milkcow have done it again. They’ve unleashed a 24-carat gold leaf soft serve on Melbourne. Tremble all ye mortals.  

You might remember the Milkcow crew from the watermelon soft serve sandwich that rocked everyone’s Instagrams earlier this year. Golden soft serve is their next monstrosity.

So what even is golden soft serve? It’s an organic milk ice-cream in a choc waffle cone, draped with edible gold leaf. I mean, in theory, you could order 100,000 of these, take the gold leaf from each one, melt it down, fashion it into a gold bar and sleep with it like a dragon. But it’s probably not cost effective.

There is a point to all this—for the month of September, Milkcow are taking $1 from each golden soft serve and giving it to Liptember (a not-for-profit campaign raising awareness for women’s mental health). So there's more to it than just eating ice-creams like a deranged billionaire. 

You can get gold leaf soft serve in Milkcow stores right now. Each cone will set you back $10 (it is fking gold, guys). DM us if you try that dragon thing.

Image credit: Milkcow

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