Wrong Again, Melbourne Ranked The Second Most Liveable City In The World

By Ben Tyers
4th Sep 2019


It's that time of the year when The Economist Intelligence Unit has us waiting with bated breath to find out which city will be crowned the world's most liveable.

And, just like in 2018, Melbourne has ranked in second place. Which means either the ranking system is extremely wrong, or Vienna is just a damn good city.

In the 2019 index, Australia has managed to land three cities inside the top 10, with Sydney climbing from fifth to third place, and Adelaide sitting nicely in 10th position. World heavyweight cities landed much further down the list, with New York City at spot 48, and London at 58. No city from the U.S.A landed higher than 22.

Vienna's liveability score in 2019 was 99.1, almost perfect. But Melburnians don't need to lose faith, scores among the top 20 cities vary by less than five points.

Here's how the top 10 looks for 2019:

1. Vienna, Austria
2. Melbourne, Australia
3. Sydney, Australia
4. Osaka, Japan
5. Calgary, Canada
6. Vancouver, Canada
7. Toronto, Canada
7. Tokyo, Japan (equal with Toronto)
9. Copenhagen, Denmark
​10. Adelaide, Australia

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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