Your Myki Fares Are Going Up Again On January 1

By Ben Tyers
14th Dec 2018

It feels like just yesterday we were talking about Myki fares going up once again, but here we are, another year on and expecting another fare rise on January 1.

This will be the smallest rise in recent years at 2.2%, last year’s increase was 4.7%, so at least it’s not a massive whack like we’ve had over the past two years. It’s something.

Daily full fare will now set you back $8.80, a rise of 20c, and a two-hour ticket will bump up 10c to $4.40.

"Few people will be welcoming this fare rise, coming as it does after years of above-inflation rises, and at the same time as major disruptions around the network, both planned and unplanned," said Daniel Bowen, spokesman for the PTUA.

"Thanks to the fare structure, most trips in Melbourne will now be $4.40, making short trips in particular very expensive compared to other states, and often not price competitive with driving."

Over the festive season you’ll get some free trips though, with free travel happening from 3am on Christmas Day through to 3am on Boxing Day, and from 6pm on New Year’s Eve into 6am on New Year’s day if you’re having a late one.

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Image credit: Ben Tyers

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