Naked Chicks | Nude Food Opens in Prahran

By Clare Acheson
18th Feb 2015

When we saw the signage for this new healthy-eating Melbourne café go up in Prahran, we simply had to give it a second look! Naked Chicks (Nude Food) is the latest clean-eating café in Melbourne to offer tasty healthy-eating options to on-the-go city-dwellers, proving that a busy lifestyle certainly doesn’t have to mean fast-food in the traditional grease-and-sugar sense.

As the name cheekily suggests, Naked Chicks’ menu will centre around free-range, organic roast chicken and accompanying ‘nude food’ (that’s food without excessive preparation or additives, Listers, and nothing to do with chefs who enjoy flashing some skin…). Founded by Josephine Pulitano, who also works with Lilydale restaurant, The Lilydale General, the Prahran newcomer will provide southsiders with ‘organic when we can’ responsible eating that’s free from the junk filler often found in quick high-street bites.

Visitors will be able to pair their chosen cut of locally reared chicken with any of ten nutritious salads, grains and vegetables that will change with the seasons. Raw, vegan and vegetarian options will be on offer, too, alongside dishes for paleo, dairy and gluten-intolerant customers. It’s safe to say that, at Naked Chicks, whatever your diet, you won’t be going wanting!

Pulitano’s passion for promoting clean eating in Melbourne has extended to the drinks menu as well. She is currently in the process of hand-picking her favourite locally produced organic juices, sodas and kombucha, with the venue’s first installment of its rotating craft beer and wine menu being finalised for those in need something a little harder yet still healthier than the average.

Naked Chicks is set to open its doors at the beginning of next month. To be the first to know when the new Prahran cafe opens its doors, visit the Naked Chicks Facebook page. Now there’s a phrase we never thought we’d write…

Naked Chicks | 162 High Street, Prahran
Opening April 2015

Image credit: Bravo for Paleo

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