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You Can Now Watch DVDs At The NGV While People Watch You

By Marina Nazario
16th Jan 2018


It's official: sitting on the couch in your underwear and watching movies now counts as art. 

Welcome to the NGV's latest Triennial exhibition—a Netflix-binging habitat called Coming Soon Near You, where audience members are encouraged to TV. In the gallery. With people watching you watching TV. 

Artist Eniat Amir has created a very realistic lounge room setting where visitors can plop down on a well-worn couch, surrounded by mismatched furnishings and a threadbare rug (sounds a lot like grandma's house), and watch a television show, film or home movie of their choice. You can literally bring your favourite DVDs, BluRay movies, even old-school VHS, and watch whatever you want. Right there in the gallery space. It's a weird, live-action GoggleBox sort of thing. And we kind of love it. 

So if you want to feel like an animal in a zoo and watch home videos of your baby brother stuffing his face with spaghetti, head on over to the NGV. Pack a few snacks, beer, wine and your favorite onesie. Coming Soon Near You will be open every day at 10:30am, 2pm and 7pm. It’s free, but book ahead to claim your spot.

We always knew that watching Game of Thrones with a half-eaten bowl of popcorn and a bottle of wine was a masterpiece...

The Details

Where: NGV International
When: 10.30am and
2pm daily during NGV Triennial. A new 7pm slot will be open as part of NGV Triennial EXTRA
For more info, click here.

This isn't even the weirdest thing at the NGV right now. An artist has engineered the smell of 'Melbourne'

Image credit: NGV

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