A Brand New Doughnut Shop Is Opening At The Olympic Doughnuts Site

By Ellen Seah
3rd Feb 2017

olympic doughnuts

Holy hot jam doughnuts! When Olympic Doughnuts announced their closure earlier this year, Footscray foodies were left with a gaping, sugary hole in their hearts.

The famously tiny hot jam doughnut stall had been operating outside Footscray station for over 40 years—as in, longer than I’ve been on this earth. Do-nut ask.

Owner of Olympic Doughnuts, Nick Tsiligiris​ (also currently 81-years of age in case you weren’t already feeling lazy today) and his jam dispensing-dolphin were a much-loved sight and cheerful figure at the morning and afternoon rush. The warm, pillow-soft doughnuts bursting with bright jam certainly helped come Monday morning.

Current café owner of Dad & Dave’s, Russell Karim, will be taking over Olympic Doughnuts’ unused site. Hot jam doughnuts made with a completely new recipe and takeaway coffees will be available from this sliver of a shop which has yet to be named.

Footscray foodies and Melbourne doughnut lovers won’t have to a miss a morning sugar hit again, and the doughnut equilibrium of Melbourne has officially been restored.

Image credit: Sweet & Simple Kitchen

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