24 Foods That’ll Make You Say ‘Too Far, Melbourne’

By Millie Lester
12th Jun 2018


As far as Australian cities go, Melbourne takes the forty layered vegan lasagne cupcake when it comes to showcasing creative foods that probably belong in museums instead of in your gob. The last six months, in particular, have produced some outstanding food items that have received their fair share of ‘OMG SMH’ comments on the internet. But sometimes they take it that one step too far...

Here are 24 food that’ll make you say ‘too far, Melbourne’.

  1. Milo Martinis, Golden Gaytime Martinis, and Coco Pop Martinis. It's all a bit too much tbh.
  2. How about digging into some deep fried spam fries served in a Spam can.
  3. Waffles and bao are two of the most amazing foods you can find. Check out the bao x waffle hybrid.
  4. Meat pie burgers. Aussie as.
  5. If you like your ice cream with an Asian twist, look no further than the Golden Gaytime bao.
  6. Nutella burgers. Yep, it could be the perfect meal.
  7. Durian flavoured doughnuts. It's creating a divide, like it, or loathe it?
  8. If the perfect event existed, it would be something like these ‘High cheese’ afternoon teas.
  9. Everything is better on a stick. So Stix created cheesecake on a stick.
  10. The Paralyzer Burger: no bun, two beef patties, three fried chicken breasts, five slices of American cheddar, bacon and three kinds of sauce.
  11. The Dino Dog: slow-smoked beef rib and a slow-smoked pork sausage covered in liquid cheese, BBQ sauce, mac and cheese, coleslaw, red onions and jalapenos in a bun.
  12. If ever there was the ultimate 3am meal, it would be these dessert kebabs.
  13. Mi Goreng fried chicken. Two staples of uni life come together at last.
  14. The Doughnut Burger: two smashed beef patties, cheese, crispy bacon and gherkin relish, sandwiched between TWO glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
  15. The Chicken Waffle Burger: Southern-style fried chicken breast, sandwiched between two golden waffles (with a dollop of spicy mayo, Golden Syrup and good old-fashioned bacon).
  16. You never know what you're going to get with Sushi Roulette.
  17. Ever eaten ice cream and thought, this could use more cheese? Then Parmesan cheese ice cream should be on your radar.
  18. Beer gelato. For those who enjoy a couple of cold ones, real cold.
  19. Unicorns do really exist, and they endorse these glitter fries.
  20. Golden Gaytime Waffle Tacos. It's a mouthful, in both when you say it, and when you eat it.
  21. It's unbelievable that unicorn fairy floss didn't already exist.
  22. Footlong fries. Just don't make eye contact while eating them.
  23. Dessert up your bento a bit with the brownie batter bento boxes.
  24. Macaron cocktails......too far.

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Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White

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