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47 Things To Do In Melbourne When The Weather Is Crap

By Sophie Teague
16th Feb 2016

things to do inside in melbourne

We all know that as soon as we dress for Melbourne weather, it's going to change. Thunderstorms will appear from the clear blue sky. The heavens will open. People will shriek and run for cover. Hello, we’re living in a city that’s motto is ‘four seasons in one day’...

So, we’ve put together a list of 47 indoor, temperature-controlled activities that you can do in Melbourne when you just don’t know whether to sweat, shiver, sneeze or scream.

1. Catch a butterfly at Melbourne Zoo’s Butterfly House.

2. Take a dip in Harold Holt’s indoor pool.

3. Catch a local jazz act at Lido Cinema’s Jazz Room in Hawthorn every Friday & Saturday night.

4. Hold your own lounge-room Weightlifting Championship. It entails stacking pillows and lifting them over your head. HINT: The pillow-lifting records stands at 6 feathered pillows. May the odds be ever in your favour.

5. Watch a classic flick with an obligatory glass of wine at the Astor Theatre in St Kilda.

6. Sip on a seriously good brew at Temple Brewing Company in Brunswick East.

7. Squeal loudly as you come face-first with a Stingray at Melbourne Aquarium - don't worry there's a panel of glass between you.

8. Enjoy a tram ride complete with a three-course meal and accompanying beverages on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant.

9. Get lost for hours in the outstanding exhibitions (incl. Ai Wei Wei | Andy Warhol) at NGV International.

10. Lie in bed and watch Netflix docos, maybe even pop some popcorn, hey?

11. Get relaxed/zen/calm in a Humming Puppy yoga class, it's set to a frequency of 40hz so you're quite literally perfectly tuned for yoga.

12. Ice skate til you can't feel your hands (because you've fallen over 100+ times) at O'Brien Group Arena, Docklands.

13. Smash down a famous 'Jackie O' burger at Fat Bob's Bar And Grill in Moorabbin.

14. Catch a blockbuster film on the giant, 3D screen at IMAX Melbourne.

15. Expand your mind to scientific proportions, gaze at the Planetarium's starry sky, or just put your head on your plate of food at Scienceworks.

16. Suck down an alcoholic milkshake or five at Grand Trailer Park Taverna in the CBD.

17. Take a trip to the Bendigo Art Gallery for a glimpse at a truly stunning art space.

18. Go rockclimbing at the tallest indoor rockclimbing gym in the Southern Hemisphere, Cliffhanger.

19. Leaf through bestsellers and classic novels at The Grumpy Swimmer bookstore in Elwood.

20. Go retro and rollerskate/blade your way around the Caribbean Rollerama, there'll be some killer tunes to assist you.

21. Learn some MAD skillz and book into a class at WorkShop Melbourne.

22. Get locked in a room with friends at Strike and attempt to escape within 50 minutes. It'll be one hell of a spooky ride.

23. Bake a cake/cupcakes/cookies and eat them all by yourself #lyfgoals.

24. Be educated by the brilliant minds at the Immigration Museum.

25. Sweat bullets and rejuvenate the soul at Bikram Hot Yoga in Fitzroy.

26. Buy a ticket to a sweet music gig or comedy show at Howler Bar in Brunswick.

27. Smash down Top Paddock's famous Ricotta Hotcake... you know you want to.

28. Visit the Melbourne Museum and get #cultured.

29. Belt out a Celine Dion ballad karaoke-style at KBox Melbourne. Don't worry, no one can hear you but your nearest and dearest.

30. Choose your meatball, choose your sauce, and choose your main ingredient (hint: polenta) at The Meatball and Wine Bar.

31. Place the palms of your hands on either side of a doorframe and push against it for 1 minute. Then step in front of the doorway and see what happens...

32. Turn your legs to jelly in an epic Body Cycle spin class. Reward = buns of steel.

33. Enjoy some peace and quiet at the State Library, or do some study you pesky little procrastinator.

34. Shoot all your most annoying friends with lasers in LaserForce at Sidetracked.

35. Jump onto Youtube and watch video after video after video...

36. Get onto your tippy-toes and pretend to be a ballerina at KX Barre, Fitzroy.

37. Bowl a strike and sip on a Pimm's summer share jug at Kingpin Bowling at Crown.

38. Celebrate the wonderful and unpredictable world of books, writing and ideas, by attending a literary event at the Wheeler Centre.

39. Over-indulge at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery. They have FREE samples, folks.

40. Dance unhibited in the dark at one of No Lights No Lycra's various Melbourne locations.

41. Peruse the #fanciest shops at the Emporium Melbourne.

42. Join the free-jumping revolution and bounce over to Bounce Melbourne.

43. Enter a zen-like state at HÜD Skin + Body as you indulge in an uber relaxing facial.

44. Have a 'Crazy for Swayze' party where you watch every Patrick Swayze movie back-to-back. NOTE: Must watch Dirty Dancing twice.

45. Get the 'FEED ME' option at Rice Queen in Fitzroy and eat at your leisure.

46. Get your caffeine fix at St. Edmonds in Prahran.

47. Take a nap. Some people call it a 'kip' - how funny!

Do you feel like getting out of this Melbourne weather and taking a spurr-of-the-moment trip? Head to Wellington and check out our list of 50 Things To Do In Wellington for all your handy travelling tips.

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