Overheard In Melbourne This Week

By Bianca O'Neill
24th Feb 2016

overheard in melbourne

It's time once again for overheard—bringing you all the ridiculous conversations we've sneakily jotted down whilst you were talking unawares. This week we overhear everything sah Melbourne, and decide Rihanna's latest clip is terrible.

Also, we just remembered The Craft existed. Excellent. Onward!

Sah Melbourne

Guy: LOL undercover officers on the tram. I see you over there in your last season steel toed boots.

Girl 1: I'm very upset that I can't attend the official Formula 1 Rolex Launch Party. I feel there will be many WAGs there in great outfits.
Girl 2: Many unbuttoned polyester shirts?
Girl 1: I could have found a richer and more gross husband.
Girl 2: Your husband seems way to clean and looks nice smelling. You should lose him immediately.

Girl 1: We could make our own emojis. Melbourne emojis.
Girl 2: It'd just be a beard and a taco?

Rihanna and Drake's booty fest

Girl 1: It's so dark! WHAT are that couple even doing?!
Girl 2: I mean, rubbing yourself up against Drake—I think Rihanna's getting a bit lazy with her ideas.
Girl 3: I don't even know how this is a concept for a music video...

Girl 1: Rihanna needs to stop making the whole Jamaica-thing happen. She's FROM Barbados and she doesn't know the difference.
Girl 2: WEED.

Girl: Nope. Just generally.

Some other random shit

Guy: How do YOU decide where to head to for lunch?
Girl: I basically just ask my girls' Facebook group chat.
Guy: And then what?
Girl: And then I ignore pretty much any recommendation that's more than 15 minutes form my house. God, I'm really learning a lot about my own laziness today.

Guy: I can't believe The Hot Hits doesn't exist anymore. I have so much gossip on D grade celebs that I need to submit to SOMEONE anonymously.

Guy: Teenagers can be so meme.

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Photo credit: The Craft

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