Melbourne’s Coolest Healthy Cafe Launches Epic Autumn Menu

By Courtney Barnard
22nd May 2015

For over a year now, Patch cafe in Richmond has been one of Melbourne’s best cafes for guilt free indulgences. How they’re able to produce so many delicious options that are actually good for us, we’ll never know… But we are more than happy to leave it to the professionals.

Dynamic duo, Tom Davidson and Jacob Burke, combined with the genius of head chef, Brett Tait have established themselves as somewhat of a primal powerhouse.  Serving up plate after plate of paleo perfection, we are uber grateful that they continue to share their love of clean eating with us! 

From mouthwatering plates of chia-crusted salmon, to the Cave Man protein-packed power brekkie, Code Black coffees and super powered juices, they’re setting the bar pretty high when it comes to healthy cafes in Melbourne. There’s something to be said for their mix of the paleo dining experience and the sophisticated interior… The sleek lines and simplicity of Patch feels so chic, it’s almost as if you feel better about yourself just by being there. 

With a menu that already has something for everyone, how could it possibly get any better? Somehow, the team at Patch has waved their magical cave man wands and added even more delectable items to their new Autumn menu, hitting Patch plates this month. 

Think French toast, drowning in bacon, maple syrup and bee pollen. Bircher muesli with so much activated goodness you won’t know what to do with yourself. Hotcakes drizzled with caramel and topped with avocado ice-cream. There’s a new Grass fed rib eye that would have Fred Flintstone salivating, and a veal schnitzel encrusted with an Egyptian dukkah that would make Tutankhamun jealous. 

I know right? I’ll give you a minute while you wipe the drool from your chin…  I think there’s some on your keypad too… 

Right, now we all know how easy it can be to let yourself go as the cooler months settle in… No need, Melbourne! No need! You can still indulge; who are we to deprive you of such joy!? You just need to make sure you’re doing it in the right places (you know, ones that don’t cause to you to go up a size in your clothes and consequently have to buy an entirely new wardrobe).  

The crew at Patch cafe have got your back. Their doors are open 7 days a week, the coffee is always hot, the sweets cabinet is always full and its 100% guilt-free!

Patch Cafe | Richmond

Image credits: Patch Cafe

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