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How To Get Involved In Polished Man This Year

By James Shackell
22nd Oct 2018

The Polished Man fundraising campaign is running right now, and it’s not too late to get involved.

Haven’t heard of these guys? You might have seen their handiwork. They’re an Australian-based not-for-profit that fights violence against children.

It works like this: anyone can paint their fingernail blue and start a fundraising page. The movement has swept all over the globe, with Chris Hemsworth, Don Cheadle and Zac Efron getting involved, amongst others. The fundraising is almost over for 2018, but there’s something coming up you might want to check out. It’s the annual Party With A Purpose.

This year Polished Man’s big shindig is at Citizen Bar on South Wharf. There’s going to be good tunes, food, booze, and an after-party at The Albion in South Melbourne. Tickets are $150, and the money goes straight into trauma recovery and prevention for young kids.

How does Polished Man work?

All money raised through Polished Man goes toward trauma recovery agencies like Australian Childhood Foundation, SAMSN, Hagar Australia and the New York Center for Children. Some of the money also goes to ygap accelerator programs (ygap founder Elliot Costello is the brains behind Polished Man). That means you’re also supporting entrepreneurs running ventures that focus on ending violence against children.

What can I do to help?

Well for starters, buy a ticket to the Party With A Purpose. It’s gonna be a great night, and the money goes to a very worthy cause.

It’s also not too late to donate to various fundraising individuals and groups.

Fun fact: Vance Joy has raised $16k right now, which is amazing. But it’s blown out of the water by a young man named Jackson Saunders, who’s sitting on $56k. Not too shabby at all, Jackson.

Want to learn more about the Polished Man mission? Check out their website

Image credit: Will Spirit

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