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PSA: Melbourne’s Magical New Escape Room Is Opening This Weekend

By James Shackell
8th Jun 2018

It’s finally here, Melbourne. One escape room to rule them all.

We covered Ukiyo’s The Crumbling Prince a while ago, when the launch was still a few months away and all we had to go on were pictures of people standing around in creepy looking robes. People still seemed pretty excited by the concept.  

Well the robes are still here. But now they come with a beautiful 4-player, story-driven escape room, which fuses cutting-edge tech with geek-immersion-levels not seen since we won The Sword Of A Thousand Truths in a spirited game of Dungeons & Dragons back in 2002 (long story).

The game is called The Crumbling Prince, and it’s brought to you by Ukiyo (a Melbourne-based escape room and interactive story studio). They’re the guys behind Deep Space, if you remember that one.

Here’s a teaser to get you up to speed:

“In the way that our previous game 'Deep Space' is one step away from an escape room, 'The Crumbling Prince' is another two steps forward,” says founder Michael Armstrong. “It’s much more like being inside a Legend of Zelda video game, or a Studio Ghibli film like Spirited Away.”

Well the game is now officially open to the public. Michael and the team are now taking bookings. You can get your tickets over here.

The first room (what you’ll be playing) goes for three hours, and is set in springtime. More rooms will come online down the track, each following a different season. The plan is two release Episode two in July/August this year.

The Details

What: Ukiyo’s The Crumbling Prince
When: Tickets available RN
For more info, click here

Want some background info? Check out our original Ukiyo article over here

Image credit: Ukiyo 

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