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PSA: There’s A Christmas Prawn Shortage

By Ben Tyers
20th Dec 2016

christmas prawn shortage

Okay guys, do not freak out, but there is a prawn shortage this Christmas. Hands up if you’re now officially freaking out? If you’re like us, you currently have two hands in the air and your feet are off the ground too.

This Christmas all of you budget ballers will officially be without prawns—with our favourite crustacean expected to hit $50 a kilo. The reason? Well, apparently Chrissy demand + an outbreak of disease = no prawns for you. The words ‘national emergency’ and ‘crisis’ have been used to describe the current situation according to the Prawn Farmers Association—and we agree.

So, now you need a festive game plan. What’s a guaranteed way to survive this national emergency? Well, the answer is quite simple. Say yes to every single Christmas invite you receive. And we mean every. single. one. So that’s a yes to Aunty Beryl (does anyone actually have an Aunt Beryl?), a big ups to your Nan’s cousin twice removed who you’ve met once—you’re popping in to her place on the 25th.

In the meantime, hit up our favourite fish and chip shops.

Image credit: The Urban List Sydney

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