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PSA: You Can Be A Judge At The Australian Grand Dairy Awards

By Steff Tan
26th Oct 2017


Yep you damn well read that right. For the first time ever, us mortals will take the reigns over at the grate Australian Grand Dairy awards, risking our semi lactose-intolerant stomachs and sacrificing our summer bods to judge *inhales breath* cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, and gelato. Suitably named the 2018 People’s Choice Award, you and four others will don a cravat and get your Matt Preston on.  

Though it breaks our hearts, not everyone can be a judge—it’ll be up to the luck of the draw when you register on Legendairy. But if you do score the job, you’ll be schooled on the do's and dont's, with lessons from the masters on flavour, aroma, texture, and presentation. You can bet there’ll be plenty of creamy streaks across a plate.

If you’re a self-confessed cheese snob or an all-dairy enthusiast…Get. Around. It. Registrations close Sunday 29 October.

The Details

What: Australian Grand Dairy Awards
When: Thursday 2 November
For more info, click here.

Have a go at judging Melbourne’s fanciest restaurants here.

Image Credit: Legendairy 

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