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Your Reusable Coffee Cup Just Got A Very Sexy Upgrade

By Megan Whitfield
28th May 2018


It’s been a while since the humble reusable coffee cup got an upgrade beyond colours (and trust us, we have plenty of funky colours). That was, until STTOKE cup came onto the scene. This is basically the future of re-useable cups—something that combines beautiful award-winning design (more on this later), with a ceramic interior that keeps your coffee toasty warm. 

These guys recently came home victorious from the 2018 Good Design Awards (you’re looking at the gold winner in the Product Design category, one of Australia’s most prestigious design awards) and are already making their name known in the Melbourne coffee scene. And that's a very demanding scene, let us tell you. 

Face of STTOKE Australia and proud coffee snob Antony de Fina (his order is a double ristretto, “no milk, just coffee”, if you were wondering), says the idea came about from a lack of satisfaction with the reusable coffee cups already on the market. He wanted to minimise waste, while looking sexy at the same time. Not too much to ask, right?

“When you look at reusable cups [already in the market], there are definitely some good options out there—but none with ceramics. We saw a gap,” says de Fina. “Coffee tastes best from a ceramic cup, not glass or plastic.” Plus, de Fina points out, glass doesn’t provide much in the way of insulation.

And that’s where their point of difference came in. STTOKE wanted customers to have that pure taste of coffee, untainted by the material of its container. Also, call us crazy, but the ceramic interior seems to actually heat the coffee. Honestly, our seventh sip was bloody hotter than our first. If any of you are experts in thermodynamics, please explain. 

“Our product was different," says de Fina. "We tried to replicate what you get when you get your coffee in a ceramic cup in a café­­—only, in takeaway form.”

Plus, unlike with glass, your STTOKE cup has no risk of breaking when you drop it, thanks to its sleek stainless steel exterior. Very important for our fellow butterfingered friends—particularly before that first cup of caffeine has kicked in. 

Shatterproof, light-weight, ceramic lined to keep the heat in—there’s not much the STTOKE cup can’t do (relative to holding coffee that is. They definitely can't like…rescue you from a burning building or something.)

Only entering the market recently and still running on the high of their award win, the brand is pretty damn STTOKE[D] about the reception so far (geddit??) “Yeah it’s tremendous,” de Fina tells us. “It’s been interesting, quite a few cafes have said ‘We’ve been waiting for something like this, we haven’t stocked other brands because they haven’t been quite right’.” Talk about nailing your target audience.

So where can we get our mitts on one of these cups? STTOKE are setting up in cafes around the country, with each stockist found on their website (Melbourne currently has the biggest selection).

Can’t get to a store? Simply hop onto the STTOKE website and place your order. Plus, till the end of May, customers can get their initials monogrammed onto their cup for that extra touch of personalisation. “It’s part of our opening promotion, and celebration for our win at the Design Awards,” says de Fina.

We’ll drink (perfectly insulated coffee) to that.

PRO TIP: Keep an eye out around Christmas too for some new colours, patterns, and potentially a bigger size being added to the range.

Image credit: Tailor Group

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