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Six Running Routes You Must Try in Sydney

By Sophia Fukunishi
6th Sep 2014

Being the health conscious Sydneysiders that we are, one of our favourite things to do in Sydney is go for a run. There's nothing quite like a good old jog to work up a sweat, release some endorphins, and get rid of built up stress. 

Sure, not all of us are pro runners or have Forrest Gump style endurance, but running keeps you in shape, lets you see the city from a different speed and is lots of fun too! Oh, and did we mention free?

We chat to Fivemore owner and running fanatic, Catherine Andersen about the best running spots in Sydney. So, what are you waiting for? Create a playlist of your favourite running tracks, put on your trainers and let's go running!

Rushcutter's Bay Park

Darling Point to Rushcutter's Bay Run

My regular 5km, taking me up through Darling Point, past the stately mansions, down the hill (and up and down a few more times if I'm up to it) to the beautiful Rushcutter's Bay Park with spectacular harbour views, a glimpse of the Bridge and lots of people watching.

Harbour Side Run

Taking you through Mrs Macquarie's chair, Botanic Gardens, Opera House and all the way through to Walsh Bay (if you're up for it), this run is incredibly picturesque, flat, and can give you anywhere from a 5km to a 16km run depending on what your training schedule calls for.

The Bay Run

The Bay Run is a flat 7km run taking you along shores of beautiful Iron Cove Bay. It seems water views feature heavily for us Sydney runners! Run it once, twice, or thrice depending on the distance you need to cover that day.

Centennial Parklands run

Centennial Park Run

One of the reasons we were so keen to open the fivemore store on Oxford Street was its proximity to Centennial Park. It's one of the most popular venues for the Fivemore Flyers Run Club running routes (every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm). For me, it represents the culmination of a dream, the conviviality of our runners and a healthy dose of friendly competition to push you that little bit further. For more information about these runs, visit Fivemore's website.

Hyde Park to Bondi Beach Run

The route of the City to Surf, this is a more challenging run incorporating Double Bay, Rose Bay, and the infamous Heartbreak Hill. Run this with the promise of a quick dip at Bondi Beach to cool you down. They say hill runs are a substitute for sprint repeats so you can kill two birds with one stone with this run. And the feeling of mastering Heartbreak Hill without your own heart bursting is a wonderful thing.

St Peter's Park Run

Park Run is a community-based organisation offering free weekly 5km running events that operate all over the world. The closest one to me is Sydney Park in St Peters where you will find every level of athlete from beginners to Olympians. Turn up at 8.00am on Saturday morning for a race against the clock or against your biggest rival!

Image credit: Woollahra Council, Centennial Parklands

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